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October 25, 2014

Tiger Woods refuses a millionaire offer from Paddy Power


Golf Champion Tiger WoodsPaddy Power is a highly popular website that features gambling for the casino, sports book, and poker enthusiasts. Many companies try to get celebrities to sign on with them in order to gain popularity. Paddy Power has tried to get Tiger Woods to sign on with them in a deal that they offered to him for a total of $75 million. However, he refused the sponsorship deal.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is similar to many other online gaming sites and they have the funds to try to expand their market to others. The nationality of the site is Irish and they do not currently allow any United States players to participate in their gaming due to the laws and regulations imposed by the US government. They also belong to the network of poker websites called iPoker. This is one of the largest poker networks in the world but gaining popularity would allow them to expand even further.

Details on the Deal

Paddy Power attempted to convince Tiger Woods to be an endorser for their company. The deal was for a total of $75 million but he adamantly refused it. Their actions were probably helped in part by the fact that Dennis Rodman signed on with Only Poker, who belong to the network called Cake Poker. The negotiations are not completely off the table though because Paddy Poker seems to be very determined and they are going to try to bring a new deal to the table to offer Tiger. No one knows for sure whether he is willing to negotiate or not but there is always a chance that he may very well change his mind and agree to the deal.

Why try for the endorsement?

Paddy Poker, although not having any members from the United States, wanted Tiger to endorse them because he is very well known across the world and the deal has the potential to draw in players from all over the world in the countries where online gambling is legal. His popularity is due to the fact that he has competed in tournaments not only in the United States but also in Asia, Europe, and even over on the island of Australia. It isn't a stretch to say that when anyone thinks of the sport of golf Tiger Woods is the first name that is registered into their head.

Tiger Woods Himself

It is quite shocking to hear that Tiger Woods has refused a deal because after he managed to crash into a tree he ended up losing deals with quite a few companies including Gillete, Gatorade, and AT&T which are all very big names and companies to do business with. His endorsements all added up together to an amount totaling over $100 million for each year. Paddy Poker's deal was for a term of 5 years. Even if Paddy Power isn't able to secure the deal with Tiger Woods their growth has the possibility of expanding with or without him. They are very popular in the gambling world and the popularity looks like it is headed upwards.


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