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November 1, 2014 & Bodog, to expand online poker in the Asian gambling market


logo of has added a new online poker domain to its online gambling empire, thanks a new deal struck with online sports betting powerhouse Bodog. The Bodog Poker Network is scheduled to be launched as a part of new site, which already include casino and sports betting games in its realm. is a fairly large online gambling operation in Asia, a continent which sports betting sites are desperate to break into of late. The new deal struck between the online gambling website and sports betting giant Bodog, is believed to have come as aim to produce a new kind of Asian online gambling site that hasn’t been produced this far on the continent.

The chief executive officer at, a Mr. Nick Lee, expresses his opinion that offline gambling is a rapidly popular, leisurely way to enjoy your time in the East and that with the new poker site established at, they would aim to bring this popular pastime to the internet gambling scene; which he believes is currently viewed solely as a gambling for money venture; something he wishes to change.

Currently online poker is becoming more popular in Asia, even if in a lower percentage if compared to United States, Australia or even Europe. However one aspect of the game that might have particular appeal in Asia is that online poker is often incorporated into an online gambling, simultaneously with networks and communities. These do have quite a high appeal to Asian gamblers. is of mind to combine the two in their new site, and slowly coax the Asian population into playing friendly online poker; cracking a new market at the same time, it would seem. The deal with Bodog ultimately came down to the success rate and offerings of the Bodog Poker Network. The Bodog Poker Network’s ability to appease new players of the online card game is expected to be of keen interest to the fledgling Asian gambling audience, and so was very desirable to

Bodog themselves are also very keen to break into the Asian gambling market and have been putting together several deals themselves to provide technology and software to new Asian gambling sites. Bodog’s deal with is known to include their sportsbook and casino games as well as their main poker network, although is not expected to be the only Asian gambling site that Bodog will be focusing their attention on.

That being said, Bodog is looking forward to working with as they believe that they provide a unique opportunity to crack the Asian market, and provide a safe place for first time online poker players in the continent to begin playing.


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