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November 17, 2013

Turkish authorities in constant battle against illegal gambling in their country


flag of TurkeyIt might seem to strange to think of a European country that is struggling to get to grips with illegal gambling, after all, we assume that most of these problems occur in Thailand, the Philippines and the United States, where a great number of gamblers try to set up businesses for themselves underground. However, Turkey is proving itself to be having a hard time in clearing illegal gambling in its own country, particularly with online gambling sites.

Over the last five years, a total of one hundred thirty nine illegal online gambling sites have been forced to close by the Turkish Telecommunications Directorate and the Turkish National Lottery. The websites the authorities claim are breaking Turkish gambling laws by wagering real money online, something which is indeed forbidden in the country.

During the last five years, an additional four hundred and fifty seven online gambling sites have received complaints from the same two organizations, and yet no further charges have brought against them at this time.

Land gambling in the predominantly Muslim country was abolished in 1997, with online gambling seeing itself get the chop as late as 2006. The Games of Hazard Department which has been taking the fight to online gambling sites ever since, was drafted in the same year by the National Lottery. Despite several media attacks against some of the top Turkish online casinos, they have been unable to complete the job.

As well as it being illegal for Turkish sites to offer online gambling services to players inside the country, it is also forbidden that any foreign online gambling sites or businesses target Turkish citizens to gamble. The same organization is also behind new laws which would see it illegal for banks to transfer a Turkish citizen’s funds if they were to be used for gambling, though this has yet to come into full effect.

Despite blocking IP addresses and websites in the country, like many gamblers in the know, Turkish citizens have been able to use technology to get around the blocks. They have also been able access foreign gambling sites that accept Turkish players from the countries many internet cafes.

Betsson and Sporting Bet are two of the sites that still attempt to draw in Turkish gamblers, despite there being laws against this. The prospect of luring in Turkish gamers, when there are no Turkish online gambling sites legally, must be strong enough for the companies to continue. In these cases, betting on football is highly popular in the country.

The Turkish authorities aren’t just attempting to close down the sites and fight gambling because they are missing out on a massive slice of tax money. Muslim law in the country also forbids gambling, something a great many Turkish gamblers are willing to overlook.


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