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January 31, 2018

Two of the best sites to play online blackjack on


When online casinos first became something we could use, they were awful, slow, buggy and not at all user friendly. For blackjack they were particularly bad as the cards were so fuzzy you could barely see them, the dealer was laggy and it was either too easy or too hard. It was a wild west as well with many sites being not particularly safe or secure with no real licensing board and a lack of proper rules governing everything and protecting your money.

However now the options for playing online blackjack are so much better, it is far more fun, smooth and most importantly safe. Especially now that there are websites where you can play live, the people who go try live blackjack and play with a dealer who is actually there and playing along are always happy. The fact that you can play along, that you know someone else is there and that you are not being cheated by a computer, makes it more fun to play.

Blackjack cards (21)

One of the only issues nowadays of course is that there are so many different sites to play on and so many different ways to play. This means that you can be overwhelmed by choice and often makes it tough to actually pick where to play. You can also be faced with some sites that still are not of a great quality. In essence both quality and quantity have gone up meaning there are more great sites than ever but also more bad ones. You have to do your research to find the right online space to play blackjack.

This is also true of casino apps, again there are so many of them, both for iOS and for Android, but there are also a lot of them you install and then realize they are not of a high quality before just having to uninstall them. You basically waste a lot of your precious playing time finding a place to play blackjack and your frustration levels grow as you are met with another slow and iffy site. We thought then that we could help you out by introducing you to some of our favourites.

Of course this is not an exhaustive list but it does contain some great options whether you are just beginning your online casino journey or if you are an experienced online blackjack player simply looking for a new place to play. So here are two of our favorite online casinos.

Titan Casino

With a name like Titan it would have to be good to avoid being a little bit overselling itself. One of the most useful aspects of Titan casino is its multi-language support that means you can play in Spanish, German, French, Italian and of course in English. Each online casino tends to be powered by a particular provider who develop and make most of the games that you will play on the site. In the case of Titan, it is an industry giant who supply them, playtech who make some fantastic and innovative games meaning your blackjack game will be fun and easy to play as well having a great design.

Titan then is in many ways, a casino that towers over the competition and is a really good bet for anyone looking to play online blackjack. Read more in the titan casino review.

William Hill

Once known more for its sports betting than its online casino offerings, William Hill is one of the best providers as it mixes the knowledge it has learnt from offering people the chance to bet on things with its great range of over 350 different games. For a long time online betting sites were much more user friendly than online casinos meaning William Hill has learnt a lot from being around since 1934. It's blackjack tables are all professional, clean, easy to use and with a range of maximum and minimum bets making it perfect for all types of players.

Mayfair blackjack (William Hill casino)Mayfair blackjack table (William Hill casino)

William Hill (full review) then is good for anyone who wants to be on both sports and on casino tables. It is a company with a great reputation and thus is very safe and secure. They have a desktop client making it super easy to play and a customer service department with a great reputation just in case you ever need help.


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