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October 25, 2014

US Online Poker Gets Support from Unlikely Quarters


Louis Freeh ( former FBI Director) and Tom Ridge (former Pennsylvania Governor)An US organization that seeks to change the mindset of US authorities towards online poker seems to be making great strides towards achieving its objective. Fair Play USA has gained a lot of momentum in quest to change the mindset on Capitol Hill towards legal online poker. The organization this week signed Louis Freeh, a former FBI director and tom Ridge who is a former homeland security secretary. The organization and the critics see this as a big achievement and a sign that the organization is now closer than ever to achieving its goals.

The organization was launched earlier this summer with an aim of building support for legal online poker. Most stakeholders in the gambling section are amazed that the organization could make such progress so fast in a quest that everybody agrees was a tough one. The organization works with the blessings and the full support of the gambling industry in the country. Critics hailed the move saying the introduction of the two gentlemen at this particular time was very timely. The industry has not yet fully forgotten the events and the effects of black Friday. On the other hand, allegations facing full tilt poker have dominated the headlines for quite sometime now and are still fresh in the mind of most citizens as well as the authorities. The two gentlemen, Freeh and Ridge are widely expected to help put the case that federal government should regulate online poker for the good of the consumers and the country at large.

In a press conference held in Washington DC, Ridge, the former homeland security secretary, said that there were already millions of people playing the online poker games in the United states of America today. He reminded everyone that back in the year 2006, congress had voted to ban all internet gambling but the ban had not been affected. He said that the ban was well intentioned and that the congress while voting for the ban believed were doing the right thing for the country.

Fair Play USA has emerged to be a strong coalition that advocates for legal online gambling. Actually, it has emerged to be far much stronger than most people thought it would be when it was formed last summer. So where does this active coalition get its money from, most people ask. The coalition is funded by two Vegas casino companies that are rivals; the Caesars Entertainment Inc. and the MGM resorts international. One cannot help wondering why rivals would support the coalition but the probable reason is that the result will be in the best interest of both. However, the coalition is not content with receiving support from just the two companies. Fair Play USA officials said they are in the process of building a coalition of all groups that support federal legislation of online gambling. The officials explained that this will provide protection to everyone in online gambling, something which they say is not possible if each state enacts its own online gambling laws. Everyone is waiting to see whether the influence of the two gentlemen will help speed things up.


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