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October 25, 2014

Vampire Hunters Flock to Immortal Romance


Immortal Romance slot's logo

The name of the 7 Sultans Casino has been synonymous with Microgaming casino software for as long as anyone can remember. Therefore, it makes sense that the online casino website has been among the first to adopt the new Immortal Romance video slot machine. With 243 different winning combinations, the Immortal Romance software would have been intriguing without the sinister plot that the developers wove into the storyline. While one usually wouldn't associate strong characterization with a slot machine video game, Immortal Romance has brought them to life in a way that even fully developed RPG titles struggle to.

Werewolves, zombies, vampires and witches have a following that extends all over the world. Recent works of fiction have continued to drive this phenomenon. The 7 Sultans Casino did well to grab a game that incorporated these unholy monsters. Then again, Microgaming has often developed cutting edge casino software. Thunderstruck II and the Lord of the Rings became hits almost as soon as they were released. The game includes other role playing aspects, and Immortal Romance even allows players to explore the gritty details of each character's back story from the pay tables. Love, intrigue and gothic horror have come together to produce one of the most interesting video slot machines of recent years.

Preview of the online slot Immortal Romance

Many commentators have referred to the title as the biggest blockbuster game of the year. Many gamers are probably skeptical of such high praise. However, a great deal of that praise comes from the fact that the storyline is so well integrated into the rest of the game. For instance, the Chamber of Spins board tells an extremely imaginative story. It's more in depth than most other video slot games.

The first chamber features an enchanting witch named Amber that is only accessible to those that collect three or more Scatter Symbols on the video slot reels. A sensual vampire by the name of Troy presides over the second chamber. He offers flying vampire bats that can add multipliers to the reels. Anyone that is lucky enough to explore the third chamber will meet an 800-year-old vampire named Michael. However, the true prize is the ability to meet Sarah in the fourth chamber. Those that unlock Sarah's Wild Vines are granted 25 free spins. This should please even the most jaded of vampire hunters.

The 7 Sultans Casino is one of the most progressive online casinos. It often adds new video slot machines to the collection. However, Immortal Romance is unique and the RPG aspects should attract players that aren't otherwise interested in slot machines.


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