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January 1, 2014

What to expect from the sixth Maryland's land based casino


The State of MarylandThe U.S. State of Maryland is all set to add yet another land based casino in their borders with a new joint venture from MGM Casinos and National Harbor, worth an estimated one billion US dollars.

The new casino – which would become Maryland's sixth – is reportedly being designed to contain up to four thousand slot machine games and up to two hundred and fifty table games inside its walls.

It is thought that the new casino would draw in residents currently residing in nearby Washington D.C. Who wish to play table games. At the current time, gamblers actively seeking these types of thrills must venture to Atlantic City in order to play. Though if the proposal to build this new expensive casino gets past the local legislators and the currently debated American gambling laws, then they might have somewhere to play a little closer to home.

Currently only video poker is accessible in the Maryland land-based casinos, and several reports on the internet state that this is not what poker players want. Most poker players wish to fully experience the power and atmosphere of the real game and so for them, nothing short of sitting at the table will do.

This is by no means the only land-based casino being discussed in Maryland at the moment, as many more rumors are currently circulating as to the possibility of Maryland extending their land based gambling range even further to cut off it's residents retreat to Atlantic City even more. At present, New Jersey's Atlantic City is the most frequented casino on the United State's Eastern Seaboard.


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