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October 25, 2014

Why Nevada Governor is against the State Online Poker Bill


Nevada Governor Brian SandovalNevada has expressed its interest in interstate online gambling legislation. The Governor; Brian Sandoval has indicated his position against the passing of the legislation. Instead he prefers that the bill be passed at the federal level. He expressed his comments on his appearance on Nevada Newsmakers, stating that he wanted the state to take advantage of the laws passed on the federal level as this would not expose it to the risk of carrying out any activities that are in conflict with the federal laws. Currently in the State of Nevada there is a bill in that would make it possible for the state to engage in online poker. This allows all players in Nevada as well as those in other jurisdiction where the process is legal to access different sites. The bill is currently at the Assembly Judiciary committee, awaiting the vote.

Although he was against the current law, the Governor showed his support for online gambling. He was stated that the internet gambling is the casino industry’s future and is the main driver of the economy in the state of Nevada. He further stated that in case the state of Nevada wants to be at the top position in the industry in the world, it should adapt to the online market.

Despite the Governor’s objections, assembly man William Horne is still planning to process the bill and agreed that the bill will come with a number of amendments that will put the concerns of the governor at ease. The Governors sentiments that the online gaming is a federal issue are also voiced by US Senate majority leader Harry Reid. In the letter the Governor addressed to Mr. Horne, he stated that he does not want to expose the citizens of Nevada to criminal and civil liability and at the same time understand the importance of the states credibility as a regulator of gaming.

There have also been a number of people who have lined behind the two positions, with some adamantly stating that the federal legislation on online gambling is the best way to go and others showing their support for the state legislation. Some of the major casinos have supported the federal solutions. There has also been some mixed reaction form the Poker Player Alliance- the groups that represents the poker players in USA, on the state level poker legislation. Although many of them are showing their support for the progress made towards permitting Americans to play online, they have displayed their preference for the comprehensive federal bill as opposed to the state-level ones.

In case the State of Nevada passes the online poker bill, it will be behind Washington DC which became the first jurisdiction in the USA to legalize online poker, on Monday. Nevada and New Jersey are the two of the states that are still debating on whether to legalize online poker within its state borders. The Washington D.C Council approved the budget in 2010 allowing the operation of a poker website that will only be accessible within the district boundary.


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