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October 25, 2014

World of Cricket - India make up the game against England for betting


India and England - Cricket coatsEight arrests have been made following a test match between India and England in cricket. The arrests come after several pieces of evidence have come to light which seem to imply that the Indian side was involved in a betting scandal, and that they may have thrown the match.

A massive ten wicket loss against England is now the subject of a formal investigation by the Kolkata Police. The heavy loss has been potentially caused deliberately by several Indian players on the take, it is feared.

Apart from the most blindingly obvious reason why the result of the match looks screwy (that India usually performs very well against England – being one of the best cricket sides in the world), there also appears to be video evidence of Indian players giving up before the English spin. At least that is what one investigator has told the Times of India.

A Mr. Sujay Chanda recently made a statement than a total of eight arrests have been made whilst the matter is investigated much more. Following an anonymous tip, a restaurant was raided which – according to the tip – was connected to the charge of match fixing. According to unconfirmed sources, there is a quite a large following for underground bookies in the sport, and it is feared that the arrested may have had some kind of connection to these underground bookies; perhaps even making illegal wagers on the outcome of the game itself.

The raid was pulled off during the Diwali festival, after several days of dodgy leads eventually lead them to a place where they were confident that something had happened in the match, and that it was indeed thrown.

It is not know in the arrested eight are Indian players themselves, although they are not thought to be. What is known is that the eight were arrested at the restaurant by the Gharfa Police, and that on their person they had a total of ninety thousand Indian Rupees (approximately sixteen and a half thousand US dollars), as well as a large quantity of much prized golden ornaments; most unusual indeed for men gathering in a restaurant.

One of the confirmed suspects is a Mr. Samir Adhikari who police feel is the ringleader in any betting scandal plot. They are accusing Samir of being the ringleader, whilst his brother Bishuran allegedly ran the operation from the restaurant. Whilst both brothers have admitted charges of playing cards, both have vehemently denied sports betting.

According to the Kolkata Police, of the eight suspects arrested – cricket sports betting was their main source of income. It is believed that the mobile phones of the suspects are now being traced for evidence of match-fixing; though at this point it must be stressed that the players of the Indian cricket national team may be completed innocent of all crimes; with the match in question being nothing more than simply, a bad day at the office!


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