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October 25, 2014

Yet another mobile casino appears on the circuit, adding to the competition


Quicksilver logoIn recent months, the number of new mobile casino sites that have cropped up has been quite remarkable. It was a little over two years ago that a good proportion of the online gambling world had predicted a crash and burn future for mobile gaming; and yet within months it was then predicted to eventually overtake online casinos as the most popular form of online gambling. This notion is rapidly becoming something of a reality, as yet another mobile casino comes to our phones and tablets this month; British mobile casino Quicksilver.

Quicksilver is the latest in a very long line of recent additions to the mobile gambling world. Owned by the Talarius group and running its operations under the guidance and with respect to the British gambling laws, this new mobile casino, like the genre itself is predicted to be a smash hit.

The platform itself is provided by the enigmatic Play ‘n Go, and because of this, many of the titles that will be released as the mobile casino launches are Play ‘n Go hit classics. Titles that involve such games as Blackjack, Fruit Machines, Joker Poker, Jolly Roger and Wild Melon are some of the games that have touted to appear in the mobile casino. Play ‘n Go’s games will not solely run the sown however. Quicksilver have themselves drafted a few of their own games into the mix of titles for the new mobile casino. Slots In The City and Winning Formula are two of their tried and tested games that should make the grade at launch.

Speaking on behalf of Quicksilver Casino, Nick Pearson who is their technology director stopped only briefly to state that both he and the company felt that the time was right to release the mobile casino; mainly due the success of mobile gaming, and the technology that surrounds and creates it.

It is widely reported that the mobile gaming phenomenon has reached up to fifty percent of the British population in some form or another. This massive increase in mobile gaming is undoubtedly the rise in popularity and technology that Pearson felt prudent for Quicksilver to launch their own mobile casino.

Mr. Pearson went on to state that which we have all heard and like minds have thought for so long; that he too firmly believes that within a few years, the online casino market will find itself second best to those playing online gambling games through their mobile devices.


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