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About us


Jeff (OCE) was started in 2007 from the hands of Jeff Grant, SEO experimenter, networks expert and gambling enthusiast (actual head of the portal). The Jeff’s project is to enrich the gambling industry by sharing his experience and by giving its contribution to the niche. His primary objective, aims to improve the industry and the market through quality information.

OCE is focused primarily to inform and to entertain serious gamblers or simple apprentices, by providing a vast and detailed gambling guide (game rules, odds, tactics, tips and more), an huge database of games to try for free (rated and reviewed), a directory which comprises the best casino sites selected for you (rated and reviewed); and also: statistics, laws and fresh news from the worldwide gambling sector.

Over the years, Jeff has created a team who works passionately to teach, entertain and update players and gambling fans; has learned that respect and mutual cooperation are the foundations for building a great project, and perseverance will lead to its completion.

If you feel to have “off the ground” ideas or business to share, you can contact us at:


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Frank Bassi (Frankie) – Marketing / stats – - Servers location
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