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Online Gambling - Introductory guide


Online gambling first hit the Internet in the mid-1990s. Over the past 15-20 years, it has expanded in numbers too big to imagine. With literally thousands of online casinos, sports books and bingo parlors to choose from, gaming fans can now enjoy playing tons of different games of chance right from their living room. The thrill of risking something, with the chance of getting something amazing in return, has motivated generations to draw a card, spin the wheel and roll the dice. When you are ready to start playing, you want to feel prepared for what lies ahead. That's where this fun and exciting informational website comes into play.

Each of the pages within this site, have been designed to give you best information available about the industry. We want to enable you to make reasonable decisions about where to play, which games you might want to consider and how to subsequently play those games. By allowing our experts to guide you, you are maximizing your chances of winning and minimizing the negative aspects of losing.

Online gambling guide


We offer a complete hands-on guide to play many of the most popular games. Rich of infographics, the "Gambling Guides," "Gambling Tips and Tricks," and "Gambling Rules" pages are designed as educational tools that can better prepare you for the games you will encounter. We discuss the basic rules of each game, betting strategies and advanced tips that will help offset the unfavorable winning odds.


Under the "Slots" and "Games" tab, you will get valuable information regarding specific games (like slot machines, table games, scratch cards) enhanced by reviews and ratings. These sections allow you to play in demo mode and have confidence with the games while having unlimited fun, without the need to download any software or make any deposit. Our "Online Casinos" page offers the latest and greatest information about the best online casinos, excluding the worst ones (to avoid due to rogue behavior).

Software / Affiliates

Our "Software" page is chalked full of information about many of the leading software platforms that are used by big brands to offer games and provide a "fair and safe" environment on which you can gamble with confidence. If you're interested in the industry from a business perspective, our "Casino Affiliates Programs" discusses active business organizations that combine forces to make online gambling one of the most dynamic and profitable industries in the world.


Our job here at OCE is to keep you informed about the latest trends and news from the online gaming industry. We invest hundreds of hours to research gambling-related events/news and reviewing the newest online sites. From Europe to Asia and all the way to North America, we are pleased to be your host as you open the door to a brand new world of 24/7/365 entertainment.

Plays Responsibly

Finally, we want you to understand that gambling is not meant to be a career. It should be used for entertainment purposes only. To some degree, the odds always favor the casino. Armed with that basic knowledge, it is our hope that you will gamble responsibly, and remember, you must have at least 18-years of age and reside in a country that allows online gambling, to play legally. If you find yourself in trouble, please refer to the disclaimers at the bottom of our site. We have experience and contacts that might help you.