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Casino Affiliate Programs


A business that provides to affiliates an infinite return on investment

The last decade has witnessed that on-line gambling industry skyrocket and become one of the most invigorating and lucrative industries. The craze has been so enormous that thousands of players, pros and amateurs, gather at the on-line casinos and wager bets worth billions every day.

This frenzy has led to tremendous increasing of the number of casinos on the World Wide Web where every single one is offering a plethora of games and other attractions for the players. This growth of casinos and money wagered at them has led to a great business opportunity.

“In 2006 gamblers played over 20 Billion dollars at online casinos and that amount should double in the next 10 years.” While these statistics are a pointer to the enormous popularity of on-line gambling, some people may see a lucrative way of earning loads of money, simply by teaming up with one of these on-line casinos under their affiliate programs.

The Casino Affiliate Programs enable an entrepreneur to cash in on the immense popularity of online gaming and to enter a money-spinning business with an amount of investment that may be near to zilch. Doing this is not a rocket science! All one needs to do is promote a casino through one’s own website.

The casino utilizes your website to direct new user to its own website so he or she can use its services. You, as an affiliate, are getting paid for the real money players previously redirect by your personal affiliate code, through your site(s). Commissions can build up usually in the two methods.

  1. Revenue share - a percentage paid to you, depending on the sums played and players acquired during the month (can range from 20% to 70%).
  2. CPA (costs per action) - a fixed sum (can range from 150$ to 400$ depending on the affiliate program) obtained for each real money player that you sent to the casino.

Thousands of on-line casinos that are operating on the World Wide Web crave for more traffic. Like any other business in any industry, they compete with each other to grab the player’s attention.

Casinos offer lucrative bonuses and other promotional bids (to attract and pull customers to their sites) but in the same time, they are using the help of affiliates who push customers to their sites. And for this help casinos willingly pay generous sum of money to their affiliates.

So far, the on-line casinos had invested huge amount of money to providing the best environment to their players. A lot of thoughts and effort went into providing a richness of thrilling games, tantalizing graphics, impeccable software’s and exhilarating sounds. Now, the on-line casinos have started taking the affiliate programs very seriously and they are willing to pay some extra to ensure that their websites are successful.

In fact, some of the on-line casinos have started giving extra cash to their affiliates to combine forces. Besides that, they pay attention to the fact that their principles provide the best of services like paying promptly, fairly and accurately. The casinos ensure that they have hassle free processes for query resolution, provide a comprehensive, up-to-date on-line affiliate tracking and reporting suite as they want to have a long term, fruitful partnership with the affiliate.

After joining the program as an affiliate you are supplied with banners and other advertising materials - text links and live games (which allow to visit casinos website and sign up as a new player).

Each user is labeled as a player referred by exact affiliate and after that is heedfully followed through CGI scripts and cookies. The affiliate earns a rate of such player’s net game play.

Most casinos pay to affiliates once they generate Real Players. A real player is defined as a player who deposits real money in the on-line casino. And this is the effort or the work that you, as an affiliate, need to do. Thereafter, you get commission and bonuses on the profits generated by the casino from your referral.

What’s more, this cash-flow is not a one-off. It continues for the entire period of time when referral stays and plays at the principal’s casino.

Research shows that, on average, an on-line casino retains a player for close to six months. The managements of various casinos are incessantly developing new promotions or incentives and are on the lookout to keep the players playing longer.

In a nutshell, the greatest effort is to convince the player to play in our casino forever. This endeavors, if successful, means more money to the affiliates as well, as they would get the commissions for an enhanced period of time.

The on-line casinos are also investing big money in their reporting systems to ensure that they are infallible. Most casinos also provide a dedicated Affiliate Manager to help affiliates. These committed and highly professional managers are trained and skilled enough to guide the affiliate how he or she can maximize referrals from the website.

The Affiliate Manager has adequate knowledge to provide a whole range of answers regard to website design, search engine optimization (SEO) and localized marketing methods. The Manager is capable to establish new promotions per the needs of the affiliate’s website. Thus the affiliate can utilize the know-how of the Manager and see how his own revenue is growing into a colossal amount.

Each affiliate program has its unique features and payout patterns. In general, an affiliate earns a profit in the range of 20% to 50% of the profits off that player.

Research results show that the average profit on a single player is $64.00 per month! This amount may even increase if the span of playing time is rising. No need to add, a combination of enhanced playing life and a bigger number of referrals can help fill the affiliate pocket with the amount of money that will definitely awake the envy of your neighbors!

The whole business of the affiliate program is so lucrative that the spurious, fly-by-night operators want to take an advantage of it. It’s recommended to check the credentials of the casino and tread with caution.

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