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Remarkable Gambling Events of 2019

Published on January 6, 2020, 8:12 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

2019 was eventful in the world of gambling. It was the last year of the decade, so many gaming establishments surely had to close the decade in a style.

Here are the very best gambling events of 2019:

  1. Betting on Football 2019

Dates: 19th – 22nd March 2019 - Venue: Stamford Bridge, London, United Kingdom

Betting on football 2019 (event statistics)
Betting on football 2019 (event statistics)

This was the 6th edition of the annual Betting on Football Conference, the largest football-related gambling conference that emphasizes leadership, sponsorship, marketing, legislation, data, and innovation in football betting. This edition reunited over 800 betting industries from across the world.

  1. Baltic & Scandinavian Gaming Summit 2019 and Awards

Date: 9th May 2019 - Venue: Vilnius, Lithuania

It was the 2nd edition of the Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming Summit 2019 (particularly referred to as Mare Balticum Gaming Summit in this edition) which brought together over 100 industry players from all over the Baltic region and Scandinavia. This event was twice the size of the first edition that took place in Riga the previous year. The agenda was a bit elaborate this time with several notable panel discussions, networking opportunities, keynote presentations, and the inauguration of the BSG Awards (Baltics & Scandinavia Gaming Awards, hence the change in title).

  1. Betting on Sports 2019

Dates: 17th – 20th September 2019 - Venue: Olympia London, United Kingdom

The 2019 edition of Betting on Sports conference consisted of 160 gambling operators, over 3,500 delegates from over 40 countries, 120 exhibitions, over 300 leading industry speakers, and 120 exhibitors. It was one of the largest editions of the conference to date. The last day of the conference saw the Hall of Fame awards event after which a networking party rolled out at London’s Natural History Museum.

  1. Joint World Lottery Association (WLA)/ European Lotteries Responsible Gaming Seminar of 2019

Dates: 18th – 20th September 2019 - Venue: Dubrovnik, Croatia

The RG and CSR working group
The 'Responsible Gaming' and 'Corporate Social Responsibility' working group, who attended the event

ELA and WLA have a common goal of ensuring that lotteries are responsible and meet their own commercial objectives. Two core things were on the agenda during their joint 2019 seminar: the ways lotteries can use to create shared value while operating responsibly and; how lotteries should prioritize on responsible practices while trying to meet their commercial objectives. Other topics on the table were the provision of practical guidance to aid lotteries in developing responsible gaming (RG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as well as emerging issues in lotteries.

  1. BOG (Business of Gaming) Forum 2019

Date: 23rd September 2019 - Venue Midrand, South Africa

This specific edition of the BOG ran in tandem with Comic Con Africa. As its preceding editions, it mainly entailed showcasing and informing a variety of business pillars and opportunities within the global gaming industry and mobile casinos technology. It also sought to connect brands and businesses in Africa’s burgeoning entertainment sector.

  1. Gaming, Entertainment and Tourism Summit (GETS) of 2019

Date: 23rd – 25th September 2019 - Venue: Bhairhawa

GETS was established to showcase Nepal’s almost untapped gaming and tourism industry. The 2019 summit attracted numerous entertainment-minded and adventurous revellers from over 50 countries to see the marvels Nepal has to offer.

  1. CEEGC – Central & Eastern European Gaming Conference and awards 2019

Date: 24th September 2019 - Venue: Budapest, Hungary

CEEGC is known to blend the elements of networking and being an award ceremony. The 2019 event entailed additional activities including panel discussions, casino online workshop, and tech workshops. The panellists dealt with such topics as the dichotomy of innovation and compliance and gaming issues arising in Eastern Europe and Balkan markets.

  1. Cyprus Gaming Show 2019

Date: 20th – 21st May 2019 - Venue: Nicosia, Cyprus

Cyprus Gaming Show is an annual two-day conference. The 2019 edition was held in Nicosia with “Capitalising Sports and Gaming Betting Opportunities” as its theme, with a brief masterclass on “Breaking into the growing gaming industry – start your career here”.

  1. Prague Gaming Summit 2019

Date: 12th March 2019 - Venue: Prague, Czech Republic

This was the 3rd edition of the Prague Gaming Summit that brought together over 125 delegates from across the Czech Republic and other neighboring countries to network with industry professionals. Additionally, this edition presented a report on gaming activities in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries (more so Slovakia and Poland) gaming industries. DACH regional panel attended the event to discuss the latest industry trends that influence the gaming for millennial gamers.

Hundreds of other gambling events took place in 2019, a year that will go down as the busiest year of the last decade as far as gambling industry is concerned.


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