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Notable Scandals and Individuals Guilty of Exploiting Gambling

Published on May 5, 2020, 3:51 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

5 scandals that left the gambling industry puzzled

Gambling is a very controversial subject, one that is loved and loathed by many in equal measure. Now that close to half of the world’s population is stuck indoors, online gambling has found new fame. New enthusiasts are researching gambling heavily to see if they can strike it lucky in this industry. This is, in essence, to familiarize and understand what they are getting themselves into.

One of the most interesting topics of all time in gambling, happens to be the number of scandals that have rocked the industry. Surprisingly, even with all the scandals that have made it to the media, enthusiasts patronize the games without worrying. Not even strict gambling legislation like that in Norway prevents motivated enthusiasts from trying casino sites.

The free bonuses and other benefits offered by various sites like those listed at are hard to resist. There is just so much that various online casinos have to offer, and a visit to this Norwegian casino review site can prove that.

Criminals, on the other hand, are always lurking in the shadows planning how to manipulate gambling systems to their benefit. And just when everybody thinks that they have seen it all as far as scandals in the gambling industry are concerned, boom! A more puzzling one happens.

So what are the mind-blowing scandals that nobody in the gambling industry saw coming?

Boston College Basketball Fixing Scandal


Investigations found that between 1978-79, a betting cartel used the basketball team to fix games and maximize winnings. The project seemed lucrative for the masterminds, the Perla brothers, who went ahead to recruit more associates. Little did they know that one of their own, Henry Hill, would turn the tables on them to save his skin.

It happened that Henry was arrested and charged with drug trafficking, and since he was facing a long time in prison, he offered to tell on the betting syndicate for his freedom. That is how the cartel was unearthed, and the participants were charged with sports bribery, earning a majority 4-12 years imprisonment.

Pete Rose

Pete Rose (Cincinnati Reds manager)

He was a decorated baseball player of his time, only to throw his sports accomplishments down the drain. This was after he was found guilty of betting for games he played in and those that were played in his tenure as a manager for Cincinnati Reds. He, however, denied placing any bets for games he took part in as a player. The damage was already done and sadly, his fans were devastated.

Ron Harris

Ron Harris (left) Reid McNeal (right)

He was a programmer when the Nevada Gaming Board trusted him to fix bugs in slot machines and maintain them. He discovered that the machines were reprogrammable and decided to exploit his discovery for his gain. He would replace the original chips with his own so that he could manipulate the software and win jackpots from several casinos.

His exploits hit a dead end when he sought the help of Reid McNeal to hit a jackpot in an Atlanta City-based casino. Suspicions led to an investigation that found Ron guilty, earning him seven years in prison although he was released after serving only two.

Louis Colavecchio

Louis Colavecchio

He manufactured his own slot machine coins that accurately resembled those used in casinos. He earned a lot of money from various casinos. It did not take long before casino operators noticed that there was an unexplainable coin surplus in their inventories. An investigation was started and Louis was apprehended. His tools of work were confiscated from various storage facilities, proving how much he had invested in the counterfeit-driven project.

Black Friday

The scandal involved three U.S based poker sites namely Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and Absolute Poker which were found guilty of several accusations. The charges ranged from bank fraud, violation of the UIGEA act, and carrying out illegal gambling activities. Its eleven defendants were sentenced to years in prison.


Several other scandals made headlines, and this goes to show the gambling industry is not all rosy. Systems can be tampered with and things can go haywire. Also, greed in gambling can be fatal. It goes without saying that there could be others, who will probably never be caught because they have learned from other’s mistakes.


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