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Play slots profitably and avoid making some of these fatal mistakes

Published on July 16, 2019, 1:16 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Playing slots is an attractive proposition due to its perceived simplicity, and many novice gamblers jump onto it as one of the very first games to get familiar with. But to make it as rewarding as possible, it’s a good idea to learn from other beginning players’ mistakes and make some adjustments to your strategy where needed. Here are the top mistakes to watch out for and avoid repeating yourself:

  1. Trying to overplay or bet big to recuperate the losses

Playing while on tilt can sometimes provoke you into making sizable bets just to recuperate the losses, which, in turn, can lead to even greater losses, all while dwindling your bankroll to a big fat zero. Slots are a fantastic opportunity to develop a mental fortitude and not get emotionally affected by big swings or long strings of bad luck. While it’s impossible to remain rock-cold all the time, being able to tame your mind goes a long way toward staying on the right track.

Don't panic if you lose at slot machines
Don't panic if you lose at slot machines and accept your defeat - trying to play stronger to recover your losses, can lead to even greater losses
  1. Sticking to one type of slots only

Getting a lucky casino shot is possible without sticking to any particular strategy or playing any type of slots you can think of, but do keep in mind you’re wasting the opportunity to learn and gain valuable experience if you’ve decided to stick to one particular type of slots exclusively. In case you can’t seem to be turning your losses into winnings and keep doing the same thing over and over again, this is even truer.

  1. Ignoring the promotions

To lure in more customers, online casinos are willing to reward new players by offering signup bonuses and promotions of various kinds. While it’s easy to write them off as insignificant due to their relatively small value and the requirements you need to fulfill in order to unlock them, the fact of the matter is that they may just be enough to turn a losing session into a winning one. Whether it be cashback or a tangible reward system, any online casino will go to great lengths to attract new players and reward the most loyal ones, so make sure to leverage it in your favor.

  1. Not studying the RTP

To keep it simple, RTP stands for long-term return to player. In practical terms, it means how much, on average, you can expect for the game to pay back to the player over a longer period of time. No, this does not mean that if you invest $100 you’ll get $90 back every single time if the RTP equals 90%. But over the long term, this is pretty much what you can expect to get, and the larger the sample size, the more accurate this tends to be. So bear in mind that the RTP for every single slots game is public knowledge and look it up to weed out the best games to play from the duds. An RTP of 80% versus a 95% one can mean a day and night’s worth of difference.

Slot machine RTP (return to player)

  1. Failing to factor volatility into their plans

In humanly-understandable terms, volatility is how often a slots game will pay out. As you might have guessed, high volatility slots won’t pay out that frequently, but a single payout can be absolutely bombastic (and vice-versa). It all balances out in the grand scheme of things.

So how can you benefit from this knowledge? The thing is, with a small bankroll, you could play a high volatility game for hours on end without striking it big to make it worth your while, so do make sure to factor this into your considerations. In other words, if your objective is to be able to play for as long as possible, low volatility slots are the better option for sure.


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