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On what can i bet today?

Published on October 25, 2014, 4:32 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

LadbrokesLadbrokes, the largest retail bookmaker in the world, is a London-based company that allows people to wager money on a multitude of issues. The company owns more than 2,400 retail betting shops across the UK, Ireland, Spain, and Belgium, as well as the famed Ladbrokes website at which bettors can use the company's projected odds to wager on the issues of their choice.

Sports is one of Ladbrokes' largest betting venues. Patrons can wager on everything from American football to greyhound racing to volleyball. Gamblers from qualified countries can also place bets within a category called "virtual sports." In addition to sports issues, Ladbrokes allows bettors to wager money on hot topics in the media.

Reading British Fractional Odds

Before wagering money at Ladbrokes, bettors should be sure they understand how to read British fractional odds, which is the system used by the company. The following examples provide insight into how Ladbrokes odds are interpreted:

  • Odds of 2/1 may be read this way: “For every one time you win, two times you will lose.”
  • Odds of 3/1 may be read this way: “For every one time you win, three times you will lose.”
  • Odds of 8/11 may be read this way: “For every eleven times you win, eight times you will lose.”

On the Ladbrokes website, odds are ranked from top to bottom in order of most to least likely, making the choices easier to read and decipher.

The following issues represent just a few of the exciting topics on which bettors can wager money at Ladbrokes:

Microsoft: Who Will Replace Steve Ballmer?

When Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, abruptly announced his retirement on August 23rd, Ladbrokes assembled the hiring odds of different replacement candidates. Stephen Elop of Nokia is the current top candidate at 5/1 odds. Kevin Turner, Microsoft's COO, is the runner-up with 6/1 odds and former Windows chief Steve Sinofsky holds third place at 8/1 odds. Close to the bottom of the roster is Bill Gates, Microsoft's founder, weighing in at 50/1 odds. It should be noted that if and when odds change, Ladbrokes will update these figures.

Microsoft CEO replacement candidates (Ladbrokes odds)
Microsoft CEO replacement candidates (Ladbrokes odds)

Tian Tian the Panda: How Many Cubs Will She Deliver?

Tian Tian, the giant panda
Tian Tian, the giant panda

Patrons can wager money on the number of cubs they believe Tian Tian, Edinburgh Zoo's only female panda, will birth in the coming days. The panda was artificially inseminated in April of 2013 and is expected to give birth in late August or early September.

Pandas, an endangered species, usually give birth to only one cub at a time, but multiple births occasionally occur. As of this writing, Ladbrokes posted the odds of a singleton birth for Tian Tian at 5/6 and the odds of triplet birth at 33/1. Bettors can also wager money on the sex of Tian Tian's first cub.

Celebrity Big Brother: Who Will Win the Show?

Charotte Crosby
Charotte Crosby from Celebrity Big Brother

Ladbrokes offers projected odds as to who will win the TV reality show Celebrity Big Brother. The show explores how contrasting personalities interact when placed in the confinement of a house. Video cameras tape contestants' interactions and footage is assembled as entertainment for the viewing audience.

Each week, one contestant is “evicted,” or voted off the show. Currently, reality star Charotte Crosby, who previously earned her stripes through MTV's reality show Geordie Shore, is projected to win with odds of 9/4. The odds for celebrity contestant Sophie Anderton, an English model who is also involved in addiction-related charity work, are currently 100/1.

Not only can gamblers place bets on who will win the show, but also who will be the second person evicted. Interestingly, the odds of Charlotte Crosby being the second one evicted are 20/1.

The Oscars: Who Will Win in 2014?

An Oscar statuette
Who will win the Oscars?

Although the 2014 Oscars are not scheduled to take place until March of 2014, Ladbrokes is already taking bets as to who will win different awards that night. Popular betting markets within this category include "Best Actor," "Best Actress," "Best Director," and "Best Picture."

Robert Redford is currently projected to win best actor for his role in All is Lost with 6/4 odds. Tied at 3/1 odds are Bruce Dern for Nebraska and Leonardo Di Caprio for The Wolf of Wall Street.

Cate Blanchett is currently projected to win best actress for her part in the film Blue Jasmine, while Naomi Watts, Amy Adams, and Julie Dench trail equally behind her with 8/1 odds for their respective films.

David O. Russell, director of the film American Hustle, is projected to win in his category with 8/11 odds. Martin Scorsese trails behind Russell with 2/1 odds for The Wolf of Wall Street and Joel and Ethan Coen are at 6/1 odds for Inside Llewn Davis.

Ladbrokes currently projects the highest winning odds for best picture on the film American Hustle. The Wolf of Wall Street trails in second place at 4/1 odds while August: Orange County follows in third at 5/1.

Future Ladbrokes Bets

Future betting issues include who will win the title of New York Mayor, who will be the next British Prime Minister, and who will win the U.S. presidential election of 2016. Although bets are not yet being taken on these issues, odds have already been projected by Ladbrokes.

Hillary Clinton tops the presidential candidate list with 3/1 odds and Chris Christie follows her in second place at 12/1. Sarah Palin is ranked at 66/1 and Clint Eastwood is second from the bottom at 500/1. The winning presidential party is also speculated upon. Current odds are 4/5 for the Democrats and 5/4 for the Republicans. Although Ladbrokes bettors cannot wager money on these issues yet, they can monitor Ladbrokes changing odds to get a feel for how they should bet when the time comes.

Ladbrokes' insights on certain issues, such as who will become the next U.S. president or Microsoft CEO, are often cited by the media as a credible source. Betting on hot topics through Ladbrokes is a fun way to add suspense, and sometimes profit, to everyday living.


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