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Casino Jack - The Movie about Jack Abramoff

Published on October 25, 2014, 4:32 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Casino Jack
Casino Jack (2010 - Director: George Hickenlooper)

One of the most exciting and watchable film, Casino Jack has launched in Canada in the year 2010. The story of the movie is based on crime and thrill, drama and politics. The producers of the movie are Gary Howsam and Bills Mark. The filmmaker of the movie is well known George Hickenlooper who is a popular documentary director.

The movie is based on the story of true crime of the ex- high powered activist who made dishonest and criminal schemes, fraudulent transactions and insatiable appetite for monetary grow, that eventually landed him in the jail.

This role is followed by Jack Abramoff a.k.a. Casino Jack in the movie. This sobering story is directed in such fun way that watching movie is really mandatory.

Jack Abramoff or Casino Jack is a leading role in movie, who is a powerful man who has access to control many powerful politicians on the planet. With the aid of captivating spin-doctor, Michael Scanlon (played by Barry Pepper) the Casino J tries to pull down the dynasties of Kennedys and Bushes. For doing this, Jack needs to establish his own empire.

By using the funds raised by the lobbyist of Casino J, he persuades the US Congress to intimate the South Florida operator of Indian Casinos so he can move on his place. The assistance of mob affiliate partner, Adam Kidan (Jon Lovitz), the Casino Jack enters the world of crime and even murder. The political world and criminal underground collide in a major catastrophe which not only put Jack and his family in peril but government as well.

The Director George Hickenlooper and Kevin Spacey personally visited real John Abramoff in jail to ask and listen his elaborated stories of crimes and judge his character. They think that he is a good sense of man. John Abramoff also liked the story plot of this movie and he loved the direction.


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