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How can i increase the chance of winning while betting?

Published on August 1, 2017, 6:15 am

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Betting is a lucrative game, but only when done right. Some may have success on every other bet they place, whereas others may only have the odd strike of luck. If you bet regularly, it can take a while to start making a profit. If you aren’t determined to analyze football betting trends, you don’t stand a chance at being a consistent winner.

Ultimately, there is only one tip that can help increase your chances of placing winning bets – discipline.

You need to spend a considerable amount of time learning about the sport you’re betting on. The analysts and bookmakers who come up with the odds are masters of the game, so you need to follow in their steps. As well as developing your understanding, you need to develop self-discipline to ensure you don’t make irrational betting decisions.

If you’re serious about increasing your chances of winning, here are 4 tips.

  1. Place bets on selections that offer more value

One of the most effective ways to win a bet is to go with whatever offers are most valuable in the market. There will be hundreds of bets for you to choose from. For instance, the Premier League hasn’t even started yet but bookmakers have already posted their football betting odds. You’ll be able to find the odds of winning the league, the top goal scorer, the first goal scorer and much more.

It’s important that you don’t bet all your money on multiple selections. Discipline is the key to success. To help ensure you don’t lose too much money, try to bet only 5% of your cash on each selection as not all odds will be in your favour.

Hence, the smart way to win is to bet on whatever selection offers the most value. If you have £100 in your account and you decide to bet £10 on 10 different selections, you’re more likely to win something. However, if you decide to bet on just two odds and spend £50 on each selection, your chances will be limited.

  1. Portray yourself as an investor

The motive of every bettor is to make money, but before you get to that stage you need to develop a better understanding of the entire process. Just because one type of betting is popular amongst most punters, doesn’t mean it will be suitable for you. Analyze the different markets that are available and test them out by placing small bets. Once you find your style and understand what you’re good at, your chances of winning will grow.

A chart in excel used for football betting systems
Excel is a very useful tool when it comes to developing formulas for betting systems
  1. Stick to one betting system

We all know that nothing is certain in sports. Some people are under the impression that they can win a bet just because they’re a big fan of the sport. This is definitely not the case in football betting. Things can quickly change and teams/players who were once delivering results can suddenly go through a rough patch. If you’re putting your bets on whatever appeals to you in the moment, you’re probably going to end up with more losses then positive results. However, if you have a betting system in place and stick to it, you can stay consistent and alter your bets as trends come and go.

  1. Don’t chase your losses

Losing a bet is often easy, so you need to be smart – especially if you put a lot of money on it. This is where you need to exercise self-discipline the most. It can be tempting to chase your losses and try and win your money back by placing another bet, but your judgment will be clouded and you’ll likely place an irrational bet and lose even more. Stay smart and don’t let your losses get the better of you.

Football betting doesn’t come easy to everyone but by following the above 4 tips, you’ll be putting yourself in a much better position of winning compared to those who don’t put the time into improving.


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