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Technology advances as a dominant point in virtual gambling

Published on May 7, 2019, 6:40 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Technological advancements in online gambling

Over the years, online gambling has grown from a non-popular internet activity to a mainstream sensation, with fans spread all across the world. One of the greatest advantages of this form of gambling is that it’s more convenient than brick & mortar casinos, since players can access their favorite games even from their smartphones.

Despite these improvements, the field of virtual gambling is still getting better each passing day due to technology. Some of the major changes to look out for this year include the following:

I) Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming

Nowadays, there are online casinos that are experimenting on VR technology to give players a realistic gaming sensation, despite being physically absent from the actual venue. This technology allows players to enter a simulated digital casino environment with the help of VR headsets, which makes them feel as if they are in a real-world setting.

In the arrangement, live dealers and other gaming participants are substituted with avatars who operate as per their online commands, plus the gambling table and other casino features are also developed by a computer software. Even more interesting, some developers are working on creating virtual reality games that don’t require the use of headsets, or any other special equipment to play.

II) 3D Animation Games

While in the past casinos were only limited to games such as poker, blackjack and roulette, recently there’s been growing interest in 3D games that have a story-line and multiple levels to complete before one earns a bonus.

These animated games, with 3D Slots being the most popular one, provide players with a true cinematic experience for an immersive casino feeling. They have stirred renewed interest in online slot gambling, especially among players who had started to become tired of the flat slot designs being recycled repeatedly.

Vikings online slot
Screenshot of the video slot Vikings (NetEnt)

Currently, one of the most popular 3D video slots game is the 'Vikings’ series, which incorporates both 3D animation and a storyline that the player needs to follow from start to finish, while earning incentives along the way after finishing different steps. This game not only combines aspects of slot play, but also meticulous planning and role-play all done in a breathtaking simulated environment.

III) Live Table Games

This is a new trend in virtual gaming, whereby a land-based casino has live cameras and microphones around its betting tables, which allow online users to connect and play live using their computers. The entire game is broadcasted over the internet with the help of special computer software, and the recording cameras.

Recently, a significant number of renowned game developers, such as Net Entertainment and Evolution Gaming, have been partnering with online casinos to create advanced live-table games like Lightning Roulette for their clients. This means you can now visit your favorite gaming site and play live editions of blackjack, baccarat or roulette as if you’re inside the casino itself.

IV. Mobile-friendly Gambling

Gone are the days when you needed a laptop or desktop computer in order to gamble online. Nowadays, many online casinos are working towards making their sites available on smartphones and tablets as well.

Going further into the year, casinos that previously didn’t allow for mobile accessibility will be prompted to embrace the technology, or else they go out of business due to competition coming from websites that are already using it. Furthermore, sites that only allowed owners of iOS and Android devices to play on their casinos, will most likely also provide access to HTML 5 smartphone owners who also make a huge percentage of mobile players.

Moreover, with Google maintaining its policy of ranking first mobile-friendly online casinos, over those that can’t be accessed via the smartphone. Many casino operators are quickly embracing the need for having their websites being phone-accessible, so that they can continue remaining relevant in the industry.

How Blockchain technology will affect online gaming:

Ever since blockchain was introduced to the world in 2008 with the invention of Bitcoin, it’s been adopted into many industries to improve efficiency including virtual gambling. Many casinos are currently embracing the technology as it offers greater security for players, including decentralization of operations and transparency.

Blockchain allows almost anyone to access online casino games, since it provides complete deregulation of the entire process. Furthermore, some digital betting platforms such as Bitbook, are already providing players with Smart Contracts on Ethereum blockchain platform, which ensures greater transparency and openness.

Advantages of the Bitbook (Blockchain Betting Solution) platform

The casino also provides BXK crypto tokens to its players, which can be transacted in various countries around the world without any government restrictions. These blockchain tokens are not only useful for playing common casino games such as poker, but also placing odds on different sports tournaments across the world, ranging from European soccer to U.S basketball, football and hockey games among others.

To summarize, the online casino sector has been experiencing major technological improvements such as live gaming, 3D animation, Virtual Reality and blockchain operations which promise to revolutionize the players’ experience. Many casinos are embracing these changes in order to stay relevant in the industry and stay ahead of the competition.


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