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5 key aspects to run the online gambling business successfully

Published on May 3, 2018, 8:40 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Development of the Internet and digital technologies made online casinos available for everyone.

According to the research company Technavio, by 2020, the increment in online-gambling profit will be about 11% annually, and by 2021, it will reach $96 billion. Moreover, a recent study of Juniper Research analytical center shows that the turnover of online gambling business will be $1 trillion by 2021.

Such rates of growth and volumes attract the attention of investors and businesspeople; so today many people start thinking about the online casino development. We have singled out 5 main aspects required for doing online gambling business successfully.

Global gambling report 2001-2022
Global gambling revenues 2001 - 2022 (GBGC report)


While land based casinos are forced to obey the laws of the certain country, online casinos are more flexible for that matter. The operator can choose virtually any jurisdiction, terms and the place to pay taxes. Statutory requirements, taxation rates, and regulatory rules differ from area to area. Once studied them carefully, you can choose the best option.

Customer engagement

Marketing is an integral part of any business. You can choose the marketing strategy and promote the site on your own. But it is better to rely on professionals.

The main task of any marketing strategy is to attract visitors and retain them on the site. As of today, both proven techniques and new tools are used: social network advertising, mailouts, affiliate programs, marketing, black and white SEO, etc. aimed at the target audience.

Moreover, it is effective to use various bonus programs, promotions and draws to attract new gamblers.

Player's loyalty

It is not enough just to attract the customers to the site. More importantly is to retain them. Therefore, much attention should be paid to marketing actions aiming at stimulating the players to return to the site. For example, custom bonus programs, jackpots, deposit discounts, high-rollers encouragement and much more that correspond to the preferences of your audience. The player must be sure that their return to the site will bring them new rewards.

Arrival - 3D slot machine
Arrival - A futuristic 3D slot machine by Betsoft

Site content

The online gambler is a man of mood, who can quickly switch the site in chase of strong sensation and the big win. That is why the site design, navigation, interface and high-quality gaming content are of great importance.

Today, the online gamblers prefer high-tech games with realistic graphics and spectacular animation. Anyway, if you want to reach the wider audience, you have to carefully study its preferences and to choose the game content to satisfy as many needs of players as possible. Solicit the providers to cooperate, is also one of the key moments.

Mobile version

Nowadays, mobile marketing is taking the leading position, confidently squeezing desktop solutions. Consequently, your site needs to offer the users its full-size version and mobile one.

Moreover, you have to take into account the development of messengers which are actively replacing mobile phone communication, SMS, and MMS. The site Slotegrator developed its own special Telegram-bot that allows its users to connect to the platform of online casino and to gamble through mobile devices.


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