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The Sexiest Characters Who Dominates Online Slots

Published on September 19, 2020, 3:07 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

The 3 Sexiest Slots Game Characters Around

From time to time, developers are able to create fictional characters that will eventually become a symbol for the whole generation. Whether in a book, film or game, these characters become so recognizable that millions of people around the world can be associated with them for years.

Developers rely on this sentimental value of cult characters to create themed online casino slot games. Returning these legendary characters to life, game developers can kill, because people cannot avoid the opportunity to play with their once favorite characters, with which they played as children, whether it's on PSP or Sony PlayStation, which have now become cult.

So, what embodiments of iconic characters in the games are among the best? We looked at the old classics, listed the top 3 female characters and focused on how these characters affect the games. Keep reading!

  1. LARA CROFT: Tomb Raider

Online slot 'Temple and Tombs', featuring Lara Croft
Online slot 'Temple and Tombs', featuring Lara Croft

The Lara Croft video machine was created by Microgaming in collaboration with Triple Edge Studios. These two giants started working together three years ago and have already released several joint projects.

Microgaming is an advanced and experienced producer of not only video slots, but also table games and online casinos. The company immediately liked its users thanks to its high-quality slot machines and a progressive jackpot, which was once even entered into the Guinness Book of Records for the largest victory in casino history.

What about Triple Edge Studios? This is a progressive young company that, like the first one, develops games for online casinos. The guys are trying to turn each new game into a unique work of art that will be perfect and unrepeatable for a long period of time, as, for example, came with Lara Croft's new car.

Other games

The video slots of this game are a whole series with an endlessly exciting plot, the first of which was released 15 years ago and since then has not let go of its favorites from the screens of the devices. Although the graphics of the first slot machine cannot be compared with the constantly emerging new products, the first version had bonus games that are not in the new slot machine.

Theme of the machine

Today it is difficult to find a man who would not have heard about the legendary character of the guerrillas Lara Croft, who was once played by the incomparable Angelina Jolie. In the last film, the role of a fearless girl was played by Alicia Vikander.

Lara Croft, the tomb raider, has a passion for ancient temples and palaces, finds mystical antiquities, fights with crowds of enemies and saves the world. In the new machine players will find the attributes of this life: camping equipment, ancient statues and, of course, the image of the most courageous girl.

To further immerse the player in adventure, the machine itself is stylized as a partially destroyed temple, and in the background plays anxious old music. The drums in the slot machine work in a rather anomalous way: blocks with symbols falling from above. In each element of the video slot is noticeable the skill creators.

Features of the machine

The video slot consists of 5 reels, each of which has 3 symbols. The machine has no standard game lines. To win, the same symbol must fall out at least three times on neighboring reels. As stated in the video slot itself, the players have 243 options for winning combinations.

Moreover, drums also do not work according to the standard system. So, after the first rotation the winning combinations disappear and new blocks fall in their place (function Rolling Reels). And after each such replacement, the amount of winnings increases. It can be increased up to 5 times in a regular game and up to 15 times in freespins thanks to the function Multiplier Trail.

Since the machine is new, players will not have problems with launching on any devices. No matter if you are going to play on your phone, computer or tablet, the graphics and control will be responsive.

  1. Marilyn Monroe

Screenshot of the online slot Marylin Monroe
Online slot Marylin Monroe

There are legends that remain so for many years. But if we go deeper into their lives, it immediately becomes sad: often the life of a legendary man is complicated, problematic and causes more sympathy than envy. Marilyn Monroe is one of such legends. Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926 under the name Norma Jean Baker. Her childhood was hard, and her personal life did not work out. But she was an unsurpassed actress. First: the contract with the "Twentieth Century Fox" studio, then the establishment of her own corporation.

Successful life of a movie star and constant depression because of personal life walked side-to-side. Marilyn's death, as well as her life, was mysterious, and the facts are revealed only now. Since then, many years have passed; however, the attention to the actress does not fade. She is a legend. And her personality could not go unnoticed.

Description of the machine theme

The Playtech software developers, inspired by the Hollywood film actress, created a slot machine named Marilyn Monroe, which will not leave fans indifferent. Now everyone cannot just win gambling, but also enjoy a great story. The whole life of Monroe in frames of one slot from now on is available to everyone. The topic, of course, is not new. But the plot is original and unique among other gaming machines. Where else would you learn about the career of the actress in such detail? To play the slot machine is exciting and it is worth only once to try.

Description of automatic machine design

The design of the slot machine is very original and harmoniously combined with the plot slot. There are a lot of purple, pink, blue and Hollywood lights. The main background is filled by the big city on the background of the sun, which has already gone down, leaving a small fire trail. In all houses the light burns. It is on this image that the drums are placed. The bottom shows a star representing the Hollywood "Walk of Fame". The animations are well thought out, thanks to them, the shots of the most famous films come to life. The sound corresponds to the plot; you can hear the melodies and the voice of Monroe himself.

The interface is modern but elegant. Lines are marked with numbers in purple squares. They are placed to the right and left. At the top, as usual, the name of the slot and little to the right - the settings buttons. At the bottom, under the drums, there is a control panel. There are only the most necessary buttons: a table with information, the choice of lines, the choice of bets, automatic game options.

Game Process Description

To start the game, select the number of active lines from 1 to 20. After that you have to make a bet. Then you can press the start button and rotate all five reels, collecting winning combinations. In modern slots, as a rule, there are no risk games and bonus games, but there is everything you need to win: wild symbol and scatter symbol. The wild symbol in this case is the image of the main character and is able to replace other symbols except the scatter.

Scatter symbol allows you to win free spins. This is very advantageous, because in this case the drums will rotate without your bet, absolutely free. You will win without any risk. This is a very advantageous offer for players. Thus, the main game is not reloaded with details, but the slot gives you all the necessary opportunities to win.

Summary of description of the machine

Slot machine Marilyn Monroe is a modern and original slot machine dedicated to the famous actress, singer and sex symbol. High-quality graphics, thought-out plot, unique design will please all lovers of beauty. The main game is simple and interesting at the same time. Thanks to the rich functionality provided by the symbols, there are all the ingredients needed to win.

  1. Cherry Love

Cherry Love online slot
Cherry Love online slot machine

The main character of Cherry love slot is one of the sexiest girl that developers from playtech have conceived. The machine provides a special console with buttons:

The button on the far right is responsible for determining the value of the game coin: from 0.01 to 2 demo credits. This parameter depends on the bet on the line, which in the free version of the slot is also displayed in demo credits;

  • Bet Per Line - determines the bet on the line. This parameter depends on the virtual coin value. For example, if the coin value is 1 credit, the range of bets on spin will be from 1 to 10 demo credits;
  • Lines - defines the number of payment lines from 1 to 30. The same parameter is established by the numbered buttons on sides of the game board;
  • Info - opens a table with payments, short rules, payment line schemes;
  • Spin - starts rotation of drums with the current rate. Clicking on this key during the spin, the player will stop the drums beforehand;
  • Bet Max - activates the spin with the highest bet. If the nominal value of the coin is one demo loan, the maximum rate will reach 300 demo loans;
  • Auto Start - starts independent spins;
  • The "-" and "+" keys above the Auto Start button determine the number of auto spins from 1 to 99;
  • Stop - a button that appears on the console during independent drum spins. Clicking on it stops auto spins;
  • Gamble - opens a risk game with guessing the color of cards, where the player gets a chance to double his winnings. Risk-game is not available in automatic spins;
  • Lines - displays the number of active payment lines;
  • Line Bet - shows the size of the linear bet;
  • Total Bet - informs about the size of the current bet on spin;
  • Win - displays the amount of winnings in demo loans.

To get the prize it is necessary that after the back from left to right on the payline there is a prize sequence of 3, 4, 5 identical symbols. In some cases, two similar pictures are enough to collect the winning sequence.

Symbols and coefficients

Cherry Love slot machine includes 11 basic symbols, which form the prize sequences:

The rose gives the largest multipliers. For a sequence of 2, 3, 4, 5 identical symbols the player will get 5, 40, 150, 4000 bets per line;

Red heart brings 5, 20, 100, 2000 linear bets;

Ring in combination of 3, 4, 5 identical symbols brings 15, 80, 750 bets on a line;

Cherry Love key chain and lighter - 12, 50, 500;

Playing cards "A" and "K" - 10, 30, 300;

"Q" and "J" - 7, 25, 200;

«9» and «10» – 4, 15, 100.

Also on the drums of one-armed bandit spins bonus symbols:

Blonde - expanding Wild, which falls on the second, third and fifth reels and complements the prize combinations of other characters;

Cherry - scatter, which has nothing to do with the prize lines. If on any positions of the playing field will be 2, 3, 4, 5 Scatter symbols, the player will receive 2, 5, 25, 200 total bets. After falling out on reels of three or more pictures with cherries 15 free spins with a multiplier x2 will be activated.

Risk game

The user who wants to increase the size of his winnings, after a normal turnover of drums is offered to activate the risk game with the Gamble key.

The purpose of the gambler is to correctly indicate the color of the closed map. It can be black or red, so the chance to guess the right card is 50:50. Making the right choice, the player will increase his winnings by half and get the right to continue the round. But if the user makes a mistake, he will lose his last prizes (received in the risk tour and for the last spin) and will automatically move to the normal game. Clicking on the Collect button allows you to terminate the round on your own and take the current winnings.


Cherry Love slot machine can bring good winnings during the free spins with an additional multiplier. Expanding "wild" symbol falls out during each free spin, which increases the chance to collect the prize combination.

To all who love these types of online slot machines, we suggest to try Wild Girls from the developer Wazdan.

Our list has come to an end, and we hope you've found at least one of your favorite female video game characters. We believe the above characters are some of the most popular beauties that populate slot machines, and hopefully reading this list has caused you the same longing or other warm feelings we experienced when we compiled it.


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