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Terry Downey talks about Aliante Gaming and key to success

Published on July 9, 2015, 7:47 am

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Terry Downey has successfully worked with Station Casinos for many years to retire afterwards. Nevertheless, he later turned out to be Aliante Gaming’s president and general manager. Aliante Gaming owns the North Las Vegas-based Aliante resort. But, what all allowed this resort to stand apart from the mass? Downey unveiled which ways they followed to stand out from the crowd.

Inside the Aliante Casino, North Las Vegas
Inside the Aliante Casino, North Las Vegas

According to the leader, they first of all decided to provide an exceptional experience to their players from around the region in a luxury setting to exactly meet their demands and requirements. Further, associating with some recognized charitable groups is what they chose to bring a significant different in the vicinity.

Aliante is run by some investors with the help of whom the management has been able to constantly witness progress. And this progress has been immensely fast. The company always moved forward keeping in mind the changes in business conditions as well as those in the guest interests. Downey said that the resort is financially stable to employ a dedicated team of professionals, who let them completely heed the clients’ needs.

Players get bored with routine promotions they get every month with other casinos. Thus, Aliante decided to offer them some innovative promotions, which could let them continually involved in playing at the casino. And this consequently rewarded them with words of appreciation from their guests.

Besides, the casino made sure to offer the best quality of food, without fail. And this has been another major factor that ensured its success so far.

The President of Aliante Gaming added that they have long been associated with numerous charitable organizations, be they small-scale like presenting gifts to kids at Nellis Air Force Base or large-scale such as United Way. Some of these institutions may comprise Opportunity Village, SafeNest, Red Cross, and ONEHOPE.

Terry Downe, Aliante Gaming’s president
Terry Downe, Aliante Gaming’s president

Downey holds a UNLV hospitality degree and always worked in the same field. It is his love for Las Vegas, where he has been brought up, and for the hospitality sector that encouraged him to grab his current Aliante position. He affirmed that Las Vegas was probably the nation’s most economical hospitality market, and thus, it was extremely important for them to always remain a step further from their competitors. The casino’s kiosk-based games along with novel promotions have played a great part.

Innovation is Key to Casino Success, Says Aliante Gaming’s President. In his belief, technology has highly advanced over the years to change how they earlier communicated with their guests. But, they never forgot how to treat them being in the hospitality industry.

While Downey opened up about the casino management, he told how he made sure to be among his people and guests. He told how crucial it was to be at that level to run the business in a fruitful manner. He personally saw guests to ensure that they get a unique experience. He seeks to enjoy the same position in coming 10 years as well.

Nonetheless, he also sees himself as a writer or Jazz guitarist or history professor in his dreams. But, not very surprisingly, he would then also love to write the gaming industry sitcom only. He really admires Vin Scully, Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster, for the way he enjoys his career.


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