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Aces & Faces 25-Line


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Most of the video poker games offered at online casinos are standard five-card, one pay line formats that offer very little in the way of intrigue. Gaming software innovator Playtech has recently introduced the video poker game titled 25-Line Aces and Faces.

The face of the game has the standard five-card poker hand at the bottom of the screen. At the top of the screen is a matrix of 24 additional hands. The player is dealt the five cards at the bottom. For each card he selects as a "hold" card, that same card is applied to the other 24 hands on the matrix. The discards are made and the game automatically deals the remaining cards at the bottom and throughout the matrix to fill all slots on a random basis. Each hand stands on its own and is compared to the payout schedule for individual results. The minimum bet is $6.25 per round up to a maximum of $25.00 per round.


  • Royal Flush (250-1)
  • Four Aces (160-1)
  • Four Faces (80-1)
  • Other four-of-a-kind (50-1)
  • Straight Flush (50-1)
  • Full House (9-1)
  • Flush (5-1)
  • Straight (4-1)
  • Three of a Kind (3-1)
  • Two Pair & Jacks or Better (1-1)

Bonus Feature - Gamble Game
With every winning hand, players are given the option to play on or participate in a "double" gambling opportunity. If they choose to do so, the are presented with option of betting all their winnings from the hand, or half of their winnings. The object of the game is to select one of four cards that will beat the dealer's card, which is turned face-up. With every win, the player has the option to continue or cash-out. The "double" game is allowed to continue until a maximum of $2,500 in winnings has been obtained.

Tips for Playing
Because of the layout of the game, there are certain things a player should consider that might not be considered in a standard video poker game.

  1. Never throw away a winning hand. It is important to remember that a winning hand is already a winner 25 times. Therefore, a player should try to always keep winning hands and try to improve them on the draw.
  2. Any four-card straights and flushes should be kept. With 25 chances to hit a straight, flush or straight flush, it is better to take that chance.

Playtech has innovated an exciting video poker option. The action is fast and the payouts occur on almost every hand. The double option gives true gamblers and opportunity to win big money based on reasonable maximum/minimum bets.

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