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Bar Bar Black Sheep


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Bar Bar Black Sheep is a slot game that is atypical for a three-reel, single-payline game. For one, it relies on wild symbols and multipliers rather than fruit machine-style holding and nudging features. Also, unlike the five-reel games that typically employ multipliers and wild symbols, this game does not have a free-spin game or a complicated bonus game. This is a fast-paced classic slot with an above-average maximum payout and a nice bet-to-win ratio. The game’s theme itself is based on the popular nursery rhyme.

And, true to its name, the symbols are of various bars and sheep. While the minimum bet of 25¢ may be higher than on some similar games, you only need to bet on the one payline to reap the full benefits of the game’s payout schedule. It is also important to note that, although this is a single-payline game, you can bet as many as three coins at a time. Try this slot if you want a game that you can play quickly and efficiently—even in multiple windows at the same time.

There are six symbols in Bar Bar Black Sheep, but you do not always have to get three of a kind to be paid. The wool symbols pay out alone, in pairs and in triplets, but they do not pay as high as some of the other symbols. For instance, if you bet two coins, you would be paid four coins when you got a single wool symbol on the payline. If you got three of the wool symbol at once, you would be paid 10 coins. So, there are diminishing returns on the wool symbols, but being paid for the partial combinations helps in the long run.

The Best combination that you can get is three of the black sheep symbols on the same payline. This combination pays out at 1,000 coins if you bet one or two coins, but it pays out at 1,600 coins if you bet three. As such, it is in your best interest to always bet three coins, even if you are not betting on the full amount, since you will always be paid proportionately more with three coins in.

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