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Bing Bang is a graphically accurate video slot machine, produced by Netent software. The game isn’t based on the famous television series, The Big Bang Theory. It is based on just the theory, which means there are the space-themed characters, wild and scatters. This game is a big hit among those who like playing space games. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the review.

Big Bang Slot: An exclusive space themed slot

Based on the famous universe expansion theory, Bing Bang features the interplanetary concept that showcases the space-based aspects such as planets, galaxies, stars and so on. The game has a cosmic appearance and the slot has been designed to ensure that the player experiences one of a kind gaming fun.

The game can be played for free or for a real chance to make money in real time. The most interesting factor about this game is not its theme, but the progressive multiplier option that increases the chances of a player to win a massive amount of money. The multiplier option works in the following order:

  • X2
  • X4
  • X6
  • X8
  • X16
  • X32
In Big Bang, the multipliers can grow up to 32x
In Big Bang, the multipliers can grow up to 32x

As you can see, the multiplier option keeps the player intrigued and highly anticipated to win an amount as high as winnings X32. Now, let’s move forward and pay attention to the rest of the features of the game.

Big Bang is a 5 reel slot machine with 24 paylines. The symbols you would usually find here are certain planets and alphabets. Of course there are wild and scatter symbol as well in the game.

The wild symbol, i.e. Sun can be replaced for other symbols on the reel. The benefit of having a wild symbol run down the reel is that it boosts one’s chances of making a jackpot bonus.

The bet can be adjusted, for e.g. coin value per chip, total bet and so on. What sets this game apart from the rest of the online slot games is the multiplier feature. It really makes the player go high on anticipation. With right bet, a pinch of luck and some cosmic power, the player can surely win the money X32 times.

Big bang slot - If the multiplier grows till 32x, high winnings are probable
If the multiplier grows till 32x, high winnings are probable

The game can be easily played on a web browser on any operating system. There’s no need to download any software. Moreover, the game comes from a trusted source, so one doesn’t need to fret about the spammy links. The slot’s appearance, interface and simple graphics are an added bonus that enhances the imagination of a player. The fun gets real with the background interplanetary audio as well.

With this game, any player can hit a jackpot. There’s no doubt that the multiplier feature, 24 paylines and 5 reels just make a winning combo for the player. For anyone new, it is best to play for fun and get a good understanding of how the slot works. Once accustomed to the concept, it is best to play it for real and put one’s luck on try.

What do we say about Big Bang?

Bing Bang is a very decent and unique online slot game that comes from the house of NetEnt. In comparison to the other slot games of similar genre, Bing Bang stands out in the following ways:

  • Standard 5 reel 24 payline slot
  • Winning multiplier feature, ranging from X2 to X32
  • Flexible betting option
  • Simple features (particularly easy for those who don’t like playing slots with endless bonus rounds)
  • An awesome possibility to win 260,000 coins.

So, if you’re a space fanatic who loves playing slot casino games, do try out Big Bang Slot.

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