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Microgaming has diversely explored the various concepts for producing online video slot. And when it comes to aptly using a famous romantic comedy movie for its theme, there’s nobody that can compete with this software. If you have seen the 2011’s romedy chick-flick ‘Bridesmaids’, then you have got to try the online video slot of the same name. It is not inspired by the movie; instead it is a straightway video slot recreation of the film.

Let’s see what it has got in store for you!

Bridesmaids: The fun-filled online slot game

Bridesmaids is an online video slot remake of the original movie that was released in 2011. This romantic comedy flick was an instant hit among people and there’s no doubt that Bridesmaids as a slot game, is a great success as well. When you come across this game, you can see the girly theme, all decked in pink and dusted with diamante studded reel frame. Aesthetically, this game is exceptionally designed and executed. Talking about the gaming features, there is not 1 or 2 bonus features. There are almost 4 bonus gaming features which we will be talking about further.

In BridesMaids, bonuses, free spins, multipliers and jackpot, are chosen by spinning a wheel
In BridesMaids, bonuses, free spins, multipliers and jackpot, are chosen by spinning a wheel
  1. Bridesmaids is all decked up in pink. Visually it might be a bit off for male players, but if they can get past the theme, they can actually enjoy the game’s features. Anyhow, the “girly” video slot game is A-1 in terms of graphics and visual format. It is sure to be a hit among people of all genders.
  2. The game also has the same 5 characters as that of the movie. It is an online slot game with 5 reels, 3 rows and massive 40 pay lines. Now unlike most of the games with 25 pay lines, this game definitely provides a great leverage to most of the players to win more.
  3. Before we move ahead to talk about the winning combinations and the symbols, let us tell you what chances you have to win a great amount of money. While most of the slot games only provide 1 or two extra bonus rounds, Bridesmaids offer you more than you can handle. It has 4 bonus rounds! While playing the game, you have a chance to win a colossal amount of 525,000.
  4. The symbol you need to root for to win money is CUPCAKE! Yes, this sweet little delicious symbol has all the power to make you win dough. For every bonus feature, you will have to rely on the cupcake. Meaning, 3 or more cupcakes on the slot reels will invoke wheel bonus feature.
  5. When a player successfully invokes the wheel bonus, there’s a chance to spin and win out of 15 different prizes such as 1 huge jackpot prize of 8,000, 10 cash prizes and 4 bonus rounds which further have separate winning options.
  6. The 4 bonus rounds that a player can get a chance to play are friendship free spins, flying high free spins, magic moments and boutique bonus. The bonus rounds are extremely fun and interesting to play.
  7. When the player invokes the scatter symbols, the winning from this round is multiplied by the total amount of bet that was put up for stake by the player. This is an extremely simple yet effective betting option for many.
During the free spins, combinations of wild symbols can lead to high winnings
During the free spins, combinations of wild symbols can lead to high winnings

Do we recommend Bridesmaids online slot game?

This online video slot is a great option for those who like playing the movie-based slots. It may not seem an ideal slot option for the male players, but since there are so many bonus rounds available in the game, one can’t complaint. These bonus rounds and 40 different pay lines, along with a bit of luck can provide you a chance to win a jackpot up to 525,000!

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