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Bridezilla Review

Microgaming’s another gem slot game Bridezilla is based on, well, the very factor that brides go crazy before the wedding day! If you have seen the famous romcom “Bridezilla”, you very well understand the possibilities of a bride to be to go insane. Well, this game isn’t based on any movie; it simply gives a funny scenario to the players for an awesome online slot game. If you like trying your luck in a funny casino game, then this slot is going to do the deed for you. So, let’s keep it rolling to know what this game offers.

Bridezilla: A slot machine about bride’s craziness

To begin with, Bridezilla is a game that gives you hours of fun! If that is not enough for you, then you may be interested to know more about the fun features it has. Now generally, the brides to be go through these strange phase where they deem it suitable to come up with strange demands. This phenomenon has been a primary subject of movies and television shows. Concept wise, Microgaming (review) has nailed it again by using this one of a kind theme.

Bridezilla slot machine running in a normal gameplay session
Bridezilla slot machine running in a normal gameplay session

Bridezilla is a slot game set across a wedding chapel that features a bride and bridegroom, along with other wedding related symbols. Among these symbols, you can find wedding bouquet, wedding bells, the bride(zilla) of course, a groom on edge, the 3 tier cake, car with just married symbol and a wedding chapel to name a few. The main symbols of this game are bells and Bridezilla.

The scatter symbol in the game can be identified by wedding bells. When the player gets scatter symbols on the reel slot, there is a chance that the symbols will reveal the Bridezilla round, i.e. if there are enough scatter symbols.

Number of Scatter Symbols Number of Free Spins
3 10
4 15
5 20

The bells when appear on the 3, 4 or 5 reel of the slot, triggers the bonus round. In this round, the bride goes wild and transforms into the Bridezilla. If you haven’t figured out by now, then Bridezilla is the wild symbol of the game. This symbol can substitute all other symbols on the reel slot except for the scatter symbol, which is bell symbol.

Bridezilla online slot - some of the main symbols with related values
Bridezilla online slot - some of the main symbols with related values

During the round, the wild symbol is capable of giving bonus prize money and other prizes. For example, the 3 tier wedding cake gives a 2x multiplier; the wedding chapel symbol gives +1x Bridezilla multiplier, whereas the car with just married symbol and the wedding bouquet gives out 1x multiplier. Similarly, the panicky groom can give away +1 free spin.

The good thing about the game’s feature is that the multiplier in this round offers the winning multiplying range of 1 to 10. This ensures that the players have great (and enough) chances to win big in this online slot game.

While we have discussed about the gaming aspects, it is finally time to applaud the gaming interface, characters and animation. To begin with, the game has anime characters, which adds a breezy visual appearance to the game. It is finally good to see anime based graphics instead of 3D graphics or cartoons. Also, another thing that we want to applaud is the minute details the designers have paid attention to. For instance, the game has red flower bouquet as the spin button. Crazy right? We don’t complain, we like it!

Bridezilla is worth a shot?

From the perspective of fun and great prospects of winning, Bridezilla offers almost everything that you can expect from a perfect online slot game. Moreover, it comes from the most trusted online gaming software provider, Microgaming. If you want to pass your time or you want to make some actual money, this machine serves both the purpose! Looking for more free games? Visit this page.

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Bridezilla Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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