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Burning Desire is on the more complex end of the slot game scale. For starters, rather than having the 15 to 25 paylines that are standard for a five-reel game, this game has no paylines; instead, the game uses a pattern matrix that identifies 243 winning patterns. These patterns can be spread across all five reels at any point, and the payouts vary greatly. To make things easier for mere human minds to track, the designers made most aspects of the winning patterns based on how many of each symbol are present across the board.

One very distinct advantage of this type of payout scenario is that you can win multiple combinations at once, so it could technically be possible to win a jackpot and the second-largest combination simultaneously. In addition to its impressive payout schedule, Burning Desire has a free-spin game in which all 15 of your free spins pay you at three times the normal rate, as dictated by your trigger bet. If you are looking for something a cut above the usual five-reel slots, give this game a spin.

Rather than shooting in the dark on every spin, there are a few guidelines that you can remember when you play. First, in order to activate a winning combination, you need to have one of the symbols for that combination show up on the first reel. Where on the reel it shows up is inconsequential; as long as it is there, it counts. How many of that symbol you get across all of the reels will determine the amount that you are paid.

Also, you can win multiple combinations at once as long as all of them have their first symbols on the first reel. It is important to note, too, that the free-spin game can be re-triggered indefinitely, paying out all winning combinations at three times their normal rate, so be sure to always use a trigger bet that will pay off if you hit it big.

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