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There is no denying that Microgaming has one of the most exciting portfolios of classic and video slots in the world. Unfortunately, not every game is going to be filled with bells and whistles that create mass hysteria. In the early days, Microgaming was restricted by technology. As a result of these limitations, some very basic classic slots were placed in the portfolio to keep players occupied with a little variety. After looking at the classic slot game Captain Cash, one can only hope this was one of Microgaming's least memorable moments.

The game screen looks exactly like a brick and mortar slot machine sitting on the floor. The top of the machine has a colorful pay-table and a graphic representation of a ship. The audio soundtrack is limited to the sounds of reels spinning and coins dropping. There is no bonus features, crazy jackpots or video features to help create excitement.

The game has 3 reels and 5 pay lines, which represents the game's only viable saving grace. The player is limited to playing one coin at a time, using coin values ranging between $.02 per pay line, up to a maximum of $1.00 per pay line. The game comes with a maximum jackpot of 1,000 coins, which creates a maximum cash payout of $1,000. That kind of reward is hardly worth the effort or the risk.

The game's symbols with corresponding multipliers are listed as follows: one treasure chest/pirate flag/treasure map together on the same line - 3X, three single bars - 5X, three double bars - 10X, three triple bars - 20X, three treasure maps - 25X, three pirate flags - 50X, three treasure chests - 100X and three pirates - 750X. The pirate serves as a wild symbol that substitutes for any of the other symbols. If the player lands a full screen of pirates, they earn the maximum jackpot of 1,000. coins.

That's it. That's all the game has to offer. If nothing else, the game is very simple to play and shouldn't take much time off the clock to spin the reels.

Verdict: In all fairness to Microgaming, this game must have been designed as a means to an end. If players want to experience a little nostalgia, this is the game to play. As long as expectations are tempered, a player can sit down and enjoy this machine before heading back to the lobby to play one of Microgaming's amazing video slots with tons of features.

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