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Cash Crazy by Microgaming is a video slot game in the classic style with three spinning reels and a single payline. The theme of the game is mad professor who has struck it rich through one of his innovative yet wacky inventions. Coin sizes range from $0.25 to $5, the game allows up to two coins per line, the minimum bet per spin is $0.25 and the maximum stake is $10.


The Cash Crazy symbol set includes seven distinct symbols, ranked here from least valuable to most: cherry, single bar, double bar, triple bar, seven and the mad professor. The paytable has two columns: the left column indicates payouts for a one-coin wager and the right column for two-coin bets. Since the payouts scale evenly, players can opt for any bet size without sacrificing odds.

The game’s main menu is at the bottom of the screen. The plus and minus buttons set the coin size, and the Bet One button adjusts the number of coins per line. Once the stake is set, the Spin button begins the round. Alternately, pressing Bet Max will set the biggest wager possible and then spin.

Special Features

The cherry is a scatter symbol, and in addition to paying out on three across, it will pay out on any one and any two. A single cherry is the smallest win possible at either two or four coins. The bar symbols are also scatters and will pay out with any combination of three bar symbols. The mad professor serves as the jackpot symbol but also the wild symbol. It can help to form any standard three-symbol combo, and it has a built-in prize multiplier. If a combo uses one wild, then the winnings are doubled, and if a combo uses two wilds, then the winnings are quadrupled.

Graphics and Audio

Cash Crazy employs a simple 2D style that is fitting of a vintage pub-style slot machine. The soundtrack is fun and diverse, and the music and sound effects only play during the spin. A mute button allows the player to disable sound on the machine entirely.


The Cash Crazy jackpot is non-progressive, which means that it’s never larger or smaller than the amount indicated on the paytable. With a one-coin bet, the jackpot is 800 coins, and it’s double that amount with two coins. If a player were to bet two coins at the max coin size of $10, then three mad professors across is worth $16,000, which is a solid payout for a slot machine of this scope.


In the Microgaming tradition, Cash Crazy is one of those classic slot machines that is straightforward, fast-paced and reasonably lucrative. The any cherry and any bar features ensure that the player doesn’t have to go long without a win, and even small wins help to keep one invested in the game.

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