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Cashapillar is a very cute scratch card game that features some of the most adorable bugs as protagonists. It is possibly the easiest casino game that you will ever come across online that does not involve a lot of rules. The easy gaming features thus make it an easy option for even the novice players. Scratch card games have, in fact, been a favorite of people for a very long time. Having an online version of scratch card game is just cherry on the icing. So, if you want to know more about this cute game, then just keep on reading.

Cashapillar: The adorable scratch card game

Cashapillar scratch card is based on its online slot version. Powered by Microgaming, Cashapillar scratch card game serves as a simple gaming outlet for those who prefer playing scratch cards sans any difficult interface. The gaming rules are very simple and almost anybody can play.

Let us break down the features below to understand how you can make the most of this game:

  • Cashapillar features critters as the main symbols such as beetle, ant, snail, bee, caterpillar and a birthday cake. As you can make out, it is caterpillar’s birthday celebration and each symbol has a different price value.
  • When you first play Cashapillar, you will see the paytable on the left that showcases all the symbols along with the winning amount. Let’s see how much these symbols can pay off:
Cashapillar Symbol Winnings
Cake X 10,000
Caterpillar X 2500
Ant X 100
Snail X 10
Beetle X 5
Bee X 2
  • On the bottom the paytable you can find betting button where you can fix the value of your stake. The stake price can go as low as 0.50 and as high as 10.00. When you put up the stake value, your winnings, i.e. if you win, will be multiplied by the value as stated in the paytable above.
  • So, how does one win? The catch is to get 3 matching items on the card and your stake value will be multiplied corresponding to the symbol value. For example, if your stake value is 10.00 and you get 3 bees on the card, then you win 20.00.
  • The highest paying symbol on the chart is cake, followed by caterpillar and the ant. Having 3 cakes on the scratch card will give you the maximum winnings. Similarly, the caterpillar and ant will also yield big wins, whereas the rest will give you a small amount only.
  • The player needs to select a new card, put the stake amount and then scratch the card. Instead of scratching the card with 9 symbols, you can also hit the “reveal all” button. This will show all the symbols on the card at once. If you have a winning combo of any 3 matching symbols, your winnings will be displayed at the bottom right.
  • Cashapillar scratch card game is extremely simple to play. However, it fails a bit in the graphics department. The graphics can be improved a lot. Despite the less appealing appearance, Cashapillar is still one of the most lucrative game that is straightaway simple.
  • The only thing we can point out is that you will loose your stake money if you don’t get a match of 3 symbols. In short, you can only win money if you get 3 matching symbols on the scratch card.
  • Cashapillar is also available in the slot version and both the games can be played for real or for fun.
Preview of Cashapillar scratch card game
Preview of Cashapillar scratch card game

Should you try Cashapillar Scratch Card game?

If you love playing fast paying casino games, then Cashapillar is definitely worth a shot. You can double up your money real fast in this scratch card game. Moreover, there are no stringent rules which make this game pretty much easy for all kinds of players.

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