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Deep Sea Dosh


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Deep Sea Dosh is a fun fruit machine that has a Poseidon and mermaid theme. Technically, only three of the symbol icons are actually fruit, but the game still operates like any fruit machine. As with most fruit machines, Deep Sea Dosh has three reels and a single payline. There are also nine symbols, which is somewhat higher than is typical.

The biggest difference between this slot and other fruit machines is that you can bet as many as 10 coins on the single payline, though you can get by with only one. There is a bonus game that has a multiplier that will boost your wins by 600 times. And, of course, you can hold and nudge close combinations on the reels. All in all, this is a game that steps outside the normal constraints of other fruit slots.

There is still only one payline, but you can bet as many as 10 coins on it at once. The jackpot in Deep Sea Dosh is 500 times whatever your trigger bet is, so you can win $50,000 on a $10 bet. You do not have to play with that much if you do not want to, but this is a game that is best played when you have a bigger bankroll set aside that can weather bad streaks.

The Deep Sea Dosh bonus game is a pick-and-choose intermission in which you choose various chests with bonuses and prizes that multiply whatever your trigger bet is. The best possible prize that you can get multiplies your bet by 600, so you can actually win more through the bonus game than through the base game.

Deep Sea Dosh is surely unconventional, but it is still a fruit machine at heart. You can hold and nudge the reels so that close combinations can be turned into realized jackpots. This function is best used on potential jackpots with higher payouts since it does cost money to hold and nudge. That said, you only need to get lucky on the nudges a few times in order to make a ton of money.

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