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Double Wammy


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The Double Wammy slot game will look familiar to anyone who has ever played slots before. It uses the traditional bars, sevens and cherries that have become well-known to slot enthusiasts over the decades. There are no flashy gimmicks or complicated multi line patterns here. The machine has only one line, on which players can wager up to three coins.

There is a fun twist to this game, however. The Double Wammy symbol is wild; it will act to complete any winning combination, except that it will not act by itself as a single cherry. Any winning combination that includes the Double Wammy symbol pays out double, and any winning line with two of them present awards the player with quadruple the normal payout.

Savvy players will want to play the maximum number of coins in order to qualify for the 2,500 coin jackpot. Since the maximum is only three coins, doing so is well within the reach of most gamblers. The jackpot pays out when the lucky player gets three Double Wammy symbols.

Double Wammy was developed by the professionals at Microgaming, who have nearly 20 years of experience in producing online casino software. It is available both for download and for instant play in modern web browsers. The graphics are crisp and intuitive while the action buttons are clear and arranged logically. As is normally the case with Microgaming offerings, a “HELP” button offers concise instructions on the game-play and payouts.

Advanced users should take a look at the autoplay feature, which allows them to automatically spin the reels a predetermined number of times, letting them try their luck without fatiguing their fingers and wrists. The software can be set up to stop the auto play automatically when certain conditions are met, such as when a certain amount is won or lost or when the jackpot is hit. There is also a convenient “STOP” button, allowing the player to cancel autoplay and resume manual control at any time.

The Double Wammy online slot machine is sure to please traditionalists who want to spend their time playing rather than reading pages of instructions in an attempt to make sense of convoluted and inaccessible rules. It's easy to determine at a glance if a certain combination is a winner or not, and the pay-table contains only 9 lines. The wild symbol is an added attraction, providing excitement and flavor to the game without detracting from the core game-play.

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