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Enchanted Woods slots is one of the simplest video slot games in the world, but it is sure to be your favorite if you enjoy a theme based on high fantasy. The artwork of the symbols and the surroundings is colorful and captivating. The game was produced by Microgaming and runs on their popular software platform. What makes Enchanted Woods distinctive in this age of complex video slots is that it is a five-reel game with only one payline. Even though this may seem boring, Enchanted Woods has several unique features that keep the game exciting.

Enchanted Woods allows you one of the widest bet ranges of any video slot game. The minimum bet is only 0.10 credits, and you can go all the way up to 100 credits per spin. The game is reported to have a 96.4 percent average return to players, and the maximum jackpot is a whopping 50,000 credits.

Eight regular symbols adorn the reels of Enchanted Woods. From highest value to least, those symbols are as follows: Fairy of Night, Fairy of Light, Fairy of Destiny, Leprechaun, Fairy of Wizdom, Fairy of Fate, Enchanted Toadstool and Demon. To receive a payout, you must match three, four or five symbols, and regular payouts range from 1 credit to 70 credits. In addition to the regular symbols is Pink Fairy. Pink Fairy is a wild symbol that is on the second and fourth reels.

The final symbol is Bonus Toad, which is the game’s scatter symbol. One or two Bonus Toads provide a bonus multiplier for any wins on the line. Three Bonus Toads activate the Pick a Toad bonus game. In this bonus game, you choose Toads that award you with random prizes. All the prizes you win in Pick a Toad are combined and added to your total before you are returned to the regular game.

The final unique element of Enchanted Woods slots is the hold feature. This feature is borrowed from draw poker. The game allows you two spins per play. After the first spin, you can choose reels to hold, and the remaining reels can be spun again to make a match.

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