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Flying Ace is a slot from Microgaming’s line of three reel, five payline games. The background almost looks like the inside of an antique fighter plane. Everything is done primarily in gray, but there are also splashes of red, white and blue. The symbols are of bars, a woman riding a torpedo and a flying ace with a hat on his head. Like the other three reel games that have five paylines, this one has a proportionately higher payout for the fifth payline’s jackpot.

For a three-reel game, the maximum bet is high, which can be an advantage or a disadvantage. The main difference between this slot and the others in its series is that it has a wild symbol and a scatter symbol, both of which are much more effective in three-reel games than in five-reel games. Like several of Microgaming’s similar slots, this one has an auto-spin feature that you can activate while in expert mode.

Coin sizes in Flying Ace start at 25 cents and go up to $5. Each pay line has an allowance of one coin, so you can bet a maximum of five coins. As such, the maximum bet is $25. The fifth coin activates the bonus payout on the fifth payline. Unlike in the games with stacked payouts for a single payline, this one has multiple pay lines that you can win on separately. The payouts average out similarly, but you will win more frequently on a slot with five paylines. The top jackpot is 6,000 coins if you hit it on the fifth payline, which comes out to $30,000 when you spin at the game’s maximum.

The auto-spin feature and the special symbols are the only other unusual features of Flying Ace. The wild symbol can stand in place of others in order to complete combinations. The scatter symbol helps you win when your combinations do not perfectly line up on the pay lines. You can set the auto-spin feature to play the game for you while you watch or while you play other games in separate windows. This feature also allows you to play Flying Ace in multiple windows at the same time if you find a betting limit that you are comfortable with.

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