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Goblins Gold is a non-progressive 3-reel slot machine developed by Microgaming as part of its Classic Slot series available here. The game uses a fantasy theme and manages to pack in a lot of atmosphere despite the limitations of the pub-style format. With Goblins Gold, you can imagine yourself as an intrepid explorer traveling deep into a mine to unearthed untold riches that are protected by a tribe of nasty goblins.


Goblins Gold has 3 paylines across its three reels, and available coins range from $0.25 to $5. The bettor can choose to wager one, two or three coins, and the number of coins dictates the tier used on the payout table. The menu is at the bottom of the screen. To adjust the coin size, use the plus and minus buttons. To dictate the number of coins in play, cycle through the three options using the Bet One button. Finally, click Spin to begin the game. Goblins Gold also offers an Expert mode that allows you to streamline and even automate gameplay.

Special Features

The three most common symbols in the set are single bar, double bar and triple bar, which pay out 25, 50 and 100 coins with three across, respectively. Goblins Gold also has an Any Bar feature, and that pays out five coins with any combination of single, double and triple bars three across. The game also features a wild symbol, and it can stand for any other symbol to form a standard winning combination, including three lanterns, which are worth 300 coins, and three gold sacks, which are worth 500 coins.

Graphics and Audio

With Goblins Gold, Microgaming shakes up its approach to pub-style slots, and it works well. We love the authentic approach, but it can get a bit same-y over an entire series, and here we get bold, adventurous music and glorious sound effects that could have been taken straight from a 1980s arcade machine.


The jackpot symbol is the goblin’s head, which also serves as the wild symbol. The jackpot payout tiers based on the number of coins in play: 1500 at one coin, 3000 at two coins and 6000 at three coins. That jump at three coins means that betting anything less than $0.75 is just sacrificing odds with nothing in return. At the minimum three-coin bet, the jackpot is $1,500, and at the maximum bet, the jackpot payout is $30K.

Overall Impressions

We like when Microgaming colors outside the lines on occasion with its Classic Slot series, and the developers have done a superb job of making a simple, straightforward slot machine that actually feels new and fresh. Goblins Gold is a strong option for classic slot fans, but it can also be an excellent option for the player who wants a breather in between video slot sessions.

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