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Ho Ho Ho Review

The Ho Ho Ho slot game is a load of Christmas fun. It is a game that has been designed to transport players back to those magical days of childhood when their dreams would come true on Christmas morning. Now, players can recapture that feeling anytime they want by opening up a game of Ho Ho Ho online slot machine on their computers.

Ho Ho Ho Video Slot offers players five reels of action and entertainment. Those five reels offer players the chance to win on 15 distinct payout lines, which gives them lots of opportunities to win with every spin. All five reels are full of Christmas symbols, including things like gifts, candy canes, Santa Claus, reindeer, stockings, turkeys and Christmas puddings.

One of the great things about Ho Ho Ho is that there are loads of bonus opportunities available for players. There is a multiplier bonus options that can double the jackpot winnings. There are also lots of free spins that players can win.

The best free spin bonus comes when players line up three Christmas present symbols in a row. When players are fortunate enough to match up three Christmas presents, they are instantly awarded 20 free spins. Not only do they get the 20 free spins, but they also get their prizes doubled for anything they win over the course of the 20 free spins. That is a very generous bonus that makes Ho Ho Ho very popular with slots players.

Of course, players also have the chance to keep the free spins going. They are also awarded double free spins for any free spins they win while they are playing the 20 free spin bonus that is awarded on the triple Christmas present bonus.

Not surprisingly, Santa Claus is a wild symbol in the Ho Ho Ho slot game. Players who win a prize with the Santa Claus wild symbol will unlock the hidden game. This is a really fun hidden game that gives slots players the chance to double their winnings. This bonus game gives players the chance to guess the suit or color. If they guess correctly, they will double their winnings. That makes for a Christmas stocking that is overflowing with Christmas cheer.

There are lots of things to enjoy about the Ho Ho Ho Video Slot game. Players can recapture the magic of Christmas morning any day of the year simply by opening up their computers and spinning the wheel. It is a game that is very exciting with all of its bonus features and chances to double prize winnings. Any slots player who wishes to try a video slot game that is very merry should give Ho Ho Ho a try.

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Ho Ho Ho Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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