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Hot Shot Review

If ever there were a slot game made specifically for baseball fans, this is it. Hot Shot is a Microgaming slot with five reels and nine paylines. All of its symbols are about baseball. Examples of the symbols and artwork include paper cups of coffee, candy, popcorn, baseball caps, trophies, chips, pitchers, batters and catching mitts.

Apart from the look and feel of a baseball stadium, you can also experience the sounds of the crowd’s cheering whenever you play. Unfortunately, there is no progressive jackpot. While its betting limits are more restrictive than those in most five-reel games, the payout ratio is actually quite high.

Noticeably absent are a free-spin game and a bonus game, making Hot Shot almost feel like a three-reel game in some respects. As a substitute for the free-spin round, the scatter symbol does more than it does in other games. Though it is definitely not for everyone, this slot may surprise you with its alternative means of achieving a high payout ratio.

The minimum coin size in Hot Shot is 25 cents. The maximum coin size is $2. You can bet one coin on each of the nine paylines, bringing the highest allowable bet to $18. If that sounds like a low maximum bet, it is. Five-reel games typically have maximum bets exceeding $75, but Microgaming took this game in a different direction. The jackpot is 1,000 coins, which comes out to $2,000 when you bet the maximum amount. As such, the base payouts are not particularly high; however, the scatter symbols significantly add to all of your winning combinations.

Free spins are always nice, but this slot does not have any. Instead, it has a super-powered scatter symbol that multiplies whatever you bet. Getting three scatters automatically pays you at 10 times your trigger bet. Getting four scatters will pay you at 50 times your trigger, and getting five will pay you at 100 times your trigger.

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Hot Shot Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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