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Not all players are drawn to table games and video slots all of the time. In many cases, players like to create their own gambling experience by playing a wider variety of casino games. That is exactly the reason Microgaming's gaming software developers also create arcade style games like Kashatoa.

With a decidedly Oriental red and black motif, it is evident that this game was developed with Asian players in mind, hence the title Kashatoa. It's noteworthy that in some Asian cultures, this game's color scheme is used to bring players good luck. Visually, the game-play screen looks like a volcano set against the backdrop of a Japanese mountain range.

Inside the volcano playing area, there is a set of pins and levers that are intended to redirect a chip as it falls from the top, much like one would see with a pinball machine. At the bottom of the volcano are eight slots, each labeled with a specified multiplier, ranging from 1X to 30X.

The game starts after the player has chosen a wager amount with a minimum wagering requirement of $.10 up to a maximum of $2.00. After the amount has been selected, the player clicks on the play button, which releases a chip from the top.

After working its way down through the pins and levers, the chip will either fall through the bottom of the screen or land in one of the multiplier slots. If it hits a multiplier, the player wins the bet amount times the multiplier. Note: The player has no ability to control the chip.

That's not all. Towards the middle of the volcano, there are three pockets, which initialize special features. The first one is called the "splitter." Should the chip land in the splitter, the chip splits into two pieces and continues to fall. This gives the player two chances to win.

The second pocket initializes a "reel" bonus on the top left where an additional multiplier will appear. Finally, the third pocket initializes the "spin" bonus on the top right where the player gets to spin a reel for an additional multiplier. As if that isn't enough, the game also has a progressive jackpot, which is awarded should the player hit five splitters in one sitting.

Verdict: If a player wants a little variety, Kashatoa is a good place to start. With plenty of suspense and bonus opportunities, players get the chance to play a low-risk game with the chance for some frequent payouts.

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