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Love Match is an online scratch card by Playtech that uses Cupid-like angels and love as its theme and the standard 3x3 format as its configuration. The default card costs just $1 and can pay out as much as $10,000.


The symbol set includes roses, bow-tied gifts, champagne, letters sealed with a kiss and a bunch of other iconic imagery dealing with love. It also features a blonde and red-haired angel, and these are the symbols that the player is concerned with because three angels in a column are needed to win. Blonde and red-haired angels can be mixed and matched for a win, but three in a row vertically is a must.

Although the default scratch card costs $1, players can lower that to $0.50 or raise it as high as $10. The stake amount acts as a multiplayer, so a $10 win on the default card would be worth $5 on a $0.50 card or $100 on a $10 card. Once the stake is set, click the Play button to begin.

After purchasing a card, scratch the Prize box to reveal the potential cash prize and then each of the nine squares. If three angels top-to-bottom are revealed, then the player wins the amount indicated in the Prize button. Players can also streamline the experience by clicking the Scratch All button or by using the Autoplay feature, which lets the player purchase and batch process up to 99 cards.

Special Features

Love Match offers a shuffle feature that lets the player randomize the virtual roll that he or she is pulling cards from. Players can shuffle three times between card purchases, and although it is a token gesture, many scratch card enthusiasts enjoy the opportunity to change their luck.

Graphics & Audio

The Love Match scratch card has a colorful, eye-catching style that includes animations for the angels and the Prize box. The UI is straightforward and user-friendly, and the fun music and sound effects are used sparingly. There are also mute options for those that prefer it.


Like most Playtech scratch cards, this game can pay out as much as $100,000, but that requires a $10 gamble. At the default $1 stake, the top jackpot is $10,000.


Sometimes Playtech shakes it up with columns instead of rows, but this scratch card format is the one that it uses most, which is all right because the format works well. This particular interpretation of it is fun, fast and easy to play, and it offers a great return on just a dollar. Want more fun? Visit here our scratch card dedicated page.

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