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Mermaids Millions is an online slot machine developed by Microgaming, one of the best developers of online gambling games in the industry. The game comes in different forms, with a browser-based edition, a version for mobile phones and a version that can be played directly from downloadable gambling clients.

The game offers players much more versatility than most other five-reel online slot machines. There are 15 paylines and players can bet as many as 75 coins at one time, though only one coin is required to play.

There are 35 winning combinations for players of Mermaids Millions. Though there may not be as many winning combinations as on some of the nine-reel online slot machines, you will win more frequently because there are fewer symbols and reels. Keeping the amount of winning combinations to 35 also makes it easier for players to recognize winning combinations when they see them.

Uncharacteristically for an online slot machine, Mermaids Millions uses card ranks in conjunction with other symbols. For instance, it has kings, queens and jacks tied in with mermaid scatter symbols. The game uses a bright blue color scheme to mimic the sea and the symbols are bright and colorful, with splashes of green, gold and pink intermingled with the aqua blue.

The game has a wild card symbol, a scatter symbol, and two bonus games. The bonus games are a free spin bonus game and a treasure bonus game, both of which can yield generous wins with zero bankroll risk. The mermaid symbols activate the free spin game when you get three or more of them at once. When you spin, how much you can potentially make is based on the amount that you bet prior to getting the mermaid symbols. Similarly, the treasure bonus game is activated when you get three or more treasure symbols at once.

The winnings can vary, but it is almost always a free win to some degree, as you do cannot lose money on the bonus games. As with most aspects of online slot play, betting more money may expose you to more short-term risk, but it can also make a big difference when you win and get to take shots at the free bonus games.

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