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Let's play at Money Star 3 reels slot free

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Money Star Review

The Money Star classic slot game developed by Microgaming is a not so subtle reminder of how raw and simplistic classic slots use to be in 2005-2006. The face of this machine has a black background and a standard slot machine in foreground. It's a low risk, low reward machine that would fail to inspire even inexperienced slot players.

The game comes with 3 reels and 1 pay line. Based on coin values ranging from $0.10, up to $10, the player is only allowed to wager one coin at a time. Even with a maximum bet of $10, the largest possible jackpot comes back at only $2,000. That alone makes this game undesirable.

There are only three symbols available, which makes the game, well frankly, a little boring. The game's primary objective is to land three like symbols on the same pay line. The symbols and designated multipliers are as follows: three of any symbol - 2X, three red stars - 10X, three gold coins - 200X (largest possible payout) and a gold star that earns the player a random number of free spins if it lands on the second reel between two other symbols. The free spins are initiated automatically after being awarded.

The only features that give this game life are Microgaming's nudges and bank holds. On a random basis, players are awarded a random number of nudges. These nudges can be used to move one of the three reels forward one space in an effort to create a better result on that spin. When using nudges, the player is allowed to nudge a reel forward as many times as the game will allow. Holds offer a different approach. In this case, the machine, or player using an override, designates one reel to be locked or held in place. The other two reels are put through a re-spin process, again, with the goal of creating a better result.

Verdict: It's never fun to blast a slot, but Money Star has very little to offer. Even if the player is able to tolerate a bland game-face with only three symbols available for potential payouts, the low pay scale makes the game a waste of time, especially considering there are hundreds of other classic and video slots that offer more excitement and more lucrative returns. If Microgaming were to consider retiring some of its games, this one should be the first title on the list.

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Money Star Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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