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Mule Britannia is consistently ranked among the best of Microgaming’s three reel games for several reasons. While it may look like a flashy classic slot at first, it is actually a combination between a non-progressive fruit machine, a classic slot and a bonus slot. The color scheme, symbols and artwork all revolve around a mule and his beachfront antics. The symbols are primarily different types of fruit, as would be expected in any variant of a fruit machine.

And, like all fruit machines, this one allows you to hold and nudge certain reels when you have close wins. The betting limits and payouts are very simple and easy to remember. Mule Britannia’s most glaring oddities are its bonus game and its gamble feature, both of which are more common in five-reel games. This slot should appeal to players who enjoy the high payout rates of three-reel games and the bonus features of five-reel games.

There is only one payline, and you can only bet one coin on it for each spin when you play Mule Britannia. The minimum coin size is 10 cents, and the maximum is $10. Payouts are in coins rather than dollar amounts, so your wins will always scale the same way regardless of your coin size. The top jackpot is 1,000 coins for a single spin, bringing the grand total to $10,000. There are nine winning combinations overall.

Holding and nudging features are standard for a fruit slot, but Mule Britannia has much more to offer. Upon winning a spin, you are given the option of gambling on the amount that you have won. Winning means getting more money. Losing means forfeiting the amount you gambled. The other bonus feature is a game that pops up on a second screen. The object of the bonus round is to pick a multiplier that gives you prizes that can be as high as the game’s primary jackpot.

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