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For players who like their gaming action fast and furious, game developers like Microgaming usually include instant play games, also referred to as scratch cards, in its games portfolio. Scratch cards have always been a popular commodity with bingo players. However, online casino software developers have found these games are also popular with casino gamblers.

Microgaming introduced the Mumbai Magic scratch card game more than a few years ago. The game’s theme revolves around the Mumbai dance culture. The bright red, orange and black motif creates a feeling of fire, which is very representative of the Mumbai music and movie world.

The object of this game is to match two symbols of the eight possibilities. While it is possible to match more than one pair of symbols on the same card, game rules dictate that only the highest payout will be awarded to the player. Prior to starting the game, the player is required to select a bet amount, ranging between $.50 up to a maximum bet of $10 per card in $1 increments. After the bet has been placed, the spots are exposed one by one from the golden orb being held in the center of the game face area. If the player so chooses, all spots can be exposed simultaneously.

The eight possible icons, including the appropriate multipliers, are as follows: a man in red (2X multiplier), Sitar (5X multiplier), movie reel (10X multiplier) Mumbai lady (100X multiplier), dancing matron (250X multiplier), movie clapper (1000X multiplier), Oscar trophy (10000X multiplier) and the dancing man (20000X multiplier).

Once the golden orb has exposed all of the spots, any winning amounts will be calculated by multiplying the wager amount times the applicable multiplier based on the matching icons. In there are no matches, the player losses and moves on to the next game. At the high end, the best payout calculates to a whopping $200,000. That’s the reason why players like to play instant games from time to time.

Verdict: There really isn’t much to say about scratch cards. They are intended to be played by players who are looking for a fast score or to kill a little time between other gaming action. As scratch cards go, Mumbai Magic is as good as the next one. The game’s payouts are fairly standard. The one thing players might enjoy is the way the orb exposes each of the icons. That alone makes the game worth playing.

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