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Let's play at Rapid Reels fruit machine free

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Rapid Reels Review

It's hard to beat the excitement of trolling down wild river rapids in a raft. Much of the excitement is created by not knowing what's going to happen next. The same attribute could be assigned to the classic slot game Rapid Reels, developed by iGaming software developer Microgaming. The face of the screen depicts a couple of nature lovers riding the game's wild rapids. What the game lacks in special features is compensated for by the existence of a decent maximum jackpot of $30,000.

Rapid Reels features a standard fruit machine design. The game is played with 3 reels and 5 different pay lines. With a coin value range of $.25, up to a maximum of $5.00, players are only permitted to play one coin at a time, which results in a betting range of $.25, up to a max of $25.00. Anytime a game has low risk and high payouts, you know the game is intended for players at all levels.

The symbols and its corresponding multipliers are listed as follows:

  • one cherry - 1X
  • two cherries - 2X
  • any three bars - 4X
  • three cherries - 10X
  • three single bars - 20X
  • three double bars - 50X
  • three triple bars - 100X
  • three 7s - 300X

A cute caricature of a rapids rider is used as a wild symbol. It can substitute for all the other symbols. It is also used as the game's highest paying symbol when the player lands three on the same pay line.

In that case, the following multipliers are used:

  • three wilds on one pay line - 1000X
  • three wilds on two different pay lines - 2000X
  • three wilds on three different pay lines 3000X
  • three wilds on four different pay lines - 4000X
  • full house of three wilds on all five pay lines - 6000, which creates the game's largest jackpot of $30,000 if a maximum wager was used.

Verdict: If it wasn't for the chance at a $30,000 jackpot with a $25.00 wager, this game would be hard to recommend. Without any meaningful video and audio features to provide extra entertainment, there just isn't much here to draw and retain players. With that said, beginners can always use a game like this as a training ground. They won't have to risk much money and should they land a screen full of wild symbols, they might walk away with an unexpected pile of cash.

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Rapid Reels Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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