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Rings and Roses is a non-standard classic slot that has five paylines and three reels. The artwork and symbols are of roses, diamond rings and bells. There are also standard bar symbols. The maximum jackpot is higher than those of most three-reel games, but it takes $25 to win it. However, you can play at lower coin sizes and still net high wins because of the proportionately higher payouts when all five paylines are activated.

Rings and Roses is a non-progressive game, and its only unusual features are a wild symbol and an auto-spin mode. If you are willing to spend a bit more per spin, you can win as much as $30,000 playing this slot. Otherwise, you can always play at lower limits in multiple boxes to take advantage of the five-payline payout bonuses.

The coin sizes that you can use are 25 cents, 50 cents, $1, $2 and $5. Each payline holds one coin, so the maximum bet is $25. The only payline with a proportionally higher payout is the fifth one, so you need to play with five coins if you want to get more out of your money.

Additionally, you get more chances to win when all of the paylines are activated, so it is in your best interest to play with smaller coins if you cannot afford to bet $25 on each spin. The payout for the jackpot on the fifth payline is 6,000 coins. The winning combination before the jackpot pays out at 300 coins.

The auto-spin feature works the same way that those in other three-reel games do. After entering expert mode, you can specify your auto-spin settings and give your fingers a break. Your win rate will be greatly complimented by the wild symbols when you use the automatic spins because there are only three reels. Also, there is not a bonus game, so the game will keep going until you hit the jackpot, tell it to stop or reach one of the coin limits that you have specified.

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