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One of the most popular themes for casino games is outer-space. Combined with aliens and space creatures, slot and arcade players just can't seem to get enough of the little green men who run around the planet wrecking havoc on unsuspecting earthlings. In Microgaming's arcade style game titled Space Evader, the player is going to have to use a little luck to once again avoid the danger spots in order to make it to the ultimate jackpot.

Space Evader plays like a board game, something similar to Monopoly or Candyland. The player starts by placing a wager with a minimum requirement of $.50 per game, up to a maximum of $10.00 per game. After the wager has been placed, the player will click on the roll key and start the game.

The game board has 48 spaces. 18 of the first 36 spaces are blue, which represents a safe zone. 18 of the first 26 spaces are red, which contain a skull and crossbones figure that ends the game. The last 12 spaces are gold. If the player lands on any of these, they earn a multiplier of 2X, up to a maximum of 25000X for landing one the very last gold spot. Every time the player clicks on roll, a random number between 1 and 6 will appear in the middle of the screen. The player's little green alien moves that many spaces along the path. The first thirty spaces are a mixture of red and blue spaces. As long as the player keeps landing on blue, they play on. If they land on red, the game is ended. As they get closer to the gold spaces, the excitement increases. The player has eight rolls to make it as far as they can. If they fall short of the promised land, they lose. If they hit gold, it is possible to hit two different gold spots. If this happens, the player is simply awarded the largest multiplier. With a $10 bet and a max multiplier, the player has the possibility of winning a game high $250,000. Not bad for a day's work.

Verdict: With Space Evader, the game board concept works well. It adds intrigue, excitement and sometimes, pain and frustration. No matter what happens, this is an interesting arcade style game that offers a huge of gold at the end of the rainbow. This is the kind of game that would be very effective at breaking up the monotony of playing slots day in and day out.

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