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Despite all its simplicity, the classic slot game titled Spell Bound has its charm. At least that's what this reviewer sees unless he has been placed under a spell by the beautiful green eyed, red haired mystique. When software developer Microgaming developed this game as one of its first generation of classic slots, it made sure that the payouts were big enough to draw players even though the games lacks any meaningful bonus features other than a wild symbol.

Spell Bound is classic slot with a standard 3-reel, 3 pay line game format. At 1 to 3 coins per pay line, players can wager a maximum of 9 coins per spin with a selected value ranging between $0.25, up to $5 per pay line. With a max jackpot of 6000 coins, a player could earn their way to a magnificent payout of $30,000. That's a strong number for a classic slot without features.

When the player starts the game, they will be introduced to universal pub machine symbols. With the multipliers included, here's how the game's symbols stack up: any three bars 5X, three single bars - 25X, three double bars - 50X, three triple bars - 100X, three amulets - 300X and three owls - 500X. The red haired mystiques serves as a wild symbol with two functions. As a standard wild symbol, it can be used to substitute in for any and all of the other symbols. If the wild is used in this manner, a 2X multiplier is used to calculate the winnings. If used as a standard high paying symbol, some amazing jackpots are in the offering. If the player lands one line full of wilds, they earn a 1500X multiplier. If they land two full pay lines of wilds, the payout is multiplied by an incredible 3000X multiplier. If the player lands a full house of wilds (all the pay lines), they will earn the highest possible multiplier of 6000X. With a maximum bet of $5, that calculates out to a game high jackpot of $60,000.

Verdict: In a place and time where so many really cool video slot choices exist, classic slots will tend to be an afterthought. Simply put, classic slots are not everyone's cup of tea. For players who are looking to tone things down a bit and play something simple with a large possible return, a game like Spell Bound makes a lot of sense. There's not much to look forward as far as features are concerned, but that $30,000 jackpot is awfully tempting when only risking $15 a spin.

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