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Super Bonus Bingo is now available for play at most Microgaming casinos. Microgaming is one of the most innovative online casino software companies operating today. The company supplies the games for over 120 casinos around the world, and they release new games on a continual basis. Super Bonus Bingo is one of those new games, and although it is called bingo, it bears little resemblance to a traditional bingo game.

Super Bonus Bingo is unique in that it does not use bingo cards. Instead, you choose two through ten numbers out of the total field of 80. When the game begins, 20 balls are pulled out of the hopper. You must then match your chosen numbers to the winning numbers. The number of matches you need to win depends on how many balls you have chosen. The amount you win increases when you match more numbers, but the exact amount also depends on how many balls you chose at the beginning of the game.

The minimum balls required to win and the payouts for each hit are as follows:

  • 2 balls – 2 hits x16
  • 3 balls – 2 hits x3, 3 hits x39
  • 4 balls – 2 hits x1, 3 hits x12, 4 hits x62
  • 5 balls – 2 hits x1, 3 hits x4, 4 hits x18, 5 hits x140
  • 6 balls – 3 hits x3, 4 hits x13, 5 hits x25, 6 hits x500
  • 7 balls – 3 hits x2, 4 hits x7, 5 hits x12, 6 hits x90, 7 hits x1,000
  • 8 balls – 4 hits x5, 5 hits, x20, 6 hits x40, 7 hits x 160, 8 hits x2,000
  • 9 balls – 4 hits x4, 5 hits x9, 6 hits x20, 7 hits x50, 8 hits x300, 9 hits x5,000
  • 10 balls – 4 hits x3, 5 hits, x5, 6 hits x12, 7 hits x25, 8 hits x150, 9 hits x750, 10 hits x10,000

Super Bonus Bingo is the perfect game if you like bingo but despise having to go through each card and mark your numbers. Gameplay is fast, your numbers are automatically marked and your winnings are instantly tallied. The game also has a wide range of bet options starting at only 0.05 credits and going up to a maximum of 40 credits per play.

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